Amazing benefits of Fennel and Fennel Tea

Many claims related to health made for Fennel and drinking Fennel tea, throughout the ages. Many traditional medicines are made or practiced throughout the world with this. In this content, we are going to go through what is Fennel tea and fennel? And what are the benefits of Fennel and Fennel tea?

Fennel: It is also known as Foeniculum vulgare. It is grown in the Mediterranean region and it is an aromatic herb. It has many medicinal and culinary uses. It is mainly grown in coastal climates or on riverbanks. This plan does not contain hallucinogenic properties but it is also one of the main components of the alcohol absinthe. Below are some of the benefits of Fennel:

  • Removes Flatulence

Fennel is also known for its anti-flatulent because of the carminative like properties of the aspartic acid are found in it. It is mainly used as a medicine for young children and infants to reduce the symptoms of flatulence and non-ulcer dyspepsia.

  • Reduces Heart Diseases

Fennel also helps in keeping a healthy level of cholesterol in our bloodstream. As it contains fiber in great amount. It helps in maintain and stimulating the elimination of bad cholesterol, damaging LDL, which one of the major factor in heart diseases, strokes and atherosclerosis.

  • Prevents Cancer

Fennel seeds extract helps for protecting cancer. Fennel not only inhibit the growth of tumors but it also concentrates on flavonoids, phenols, and alkaloids it can also somewhat chemoprotective against the harmful effects of the radiation during the treatment of cancer. Its seed is very useful it also helps in preventing liver cancer strains and colon cancer.

Fennel Seeds Benefits

SR no. Benefits of Fennel
1. Treats Constipation
2. Prevents Anaemia
3. Treats Indigestion
4. Removes Flatulence
5. Regulates Blood Pressure
6. Improves Brain Function
7. Treats Diarrheal
8. Treats Colic
9. Boosts Immunity
10. Regulates Menstruation

Fennel Tea

Tea is prepared by boiling fennel seeds into the water, it should be boiled in such a way that the volatile oil should also blend well with the water. This fennel tea is used for many treatments related to the stomach and also helps in losing weight. Below are some of the benefits of Fennel Tea:

  • Boosts immunity

This tea has lots of antifungal, antiseptic and antibacterial effects, which help the tea to make an excellent immune system booster. The tea also helps in saving our body from colds and flu.

  • Balances hormone levels

Fennel Tea has estrogen-like qualities, which can help in controlling painful symptoms of menstruation. It also helps in regulating hormones, stimulating the production of breast milk in lactating mothers and increasing libido.

  • Detoxifies the body

Fennel Tea works like blood cleaner and diuretic which helps in keeping our liver and kidneys, working and healthy. It helps in cleaning excess toxins from kidney and blood.

Benefits of Fennel Tea 

SR no. benefits of Fennel tea
1. Aids in digestion
2. Helps Treat Respiratory Ailments
3. Promotes Heart Health
4. Promotes Eye Health
5.  Helps Relieve Arthritis
6.  Helps Cope With Menstrual Problems
7. Helps Kill Internal Parasites
8. Helps Treat Diabetes
9.  Helps Prevent Cancer
10. Helps Treat Acne


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