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Donald Trump issues a warning to North Korea, of devastating military option



Donald Trump issues a warning to North Korea

Yesterday, President Donald Trump issues a simple warning to North Korea, saying the US is all set to use “devastating” military action if required. Two US defense officials tell media that the rogue nation has moved a small number of fighter jets. They also move external fuel tanks along with air-to-air missiles to a base on its eastern coast to boost military readiness.

The officials would not go further than saying a small number of assets had been enthused by the regime to a recognised airfield in the eastern part of the country.

The progress was seen in US satellite imagery and is outlook by the US as a North Korean effort to boost its military readiness in the eastern sector. It would provide the aircraft with a capacity to fly eastward further than its expected 900-mile range.

Imagery so far has observed Mig-29 aircraft at the site. Several missiles and fuel tanks are on the planes, however, for now, no single jet is carrying together the external fuel tanks and the missiles.

On Monday, the North Korean administration has threatened to shoot down US aircraft flying off its coastline.  Even if they are in international airspace.

Both defense officials supposed that the US maintains enough aerial surveillance and radar competence in the region. And it is there to make out if any military aircraft take off from North Korea.

Yesterday, Donald Trump also reacts to North Korea‘s threat to shoot down US aircraft on Tuesday.

Speaking next to Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, Trump restates that the US is “totally prepared” if they have to employ the military option. He  says  military action in North Korea would be “devastating.”

Donald Trump alleged in the Rose Garden all through a news conference that “It’s called the military option. If we acquire that option, it will be devastating for North Korea.” Trump said of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un that “He’s acting very defectively. He’s saying things that should not at all be said.”

Trump added that the US was reacting to Kim’s provocations, but persists his replies were only in response to rhetoric from Pyongyang. He also criticises the situation there, saying previous administrations left him a “mess”.on this he added that  “I’ll fix the mess. We’ll see what happens.”


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