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‘Declaration of war’- North Korea criticise Trump in open letter to international leaders

The North Korea parliamentary committee has called for “sharp vigilance” with regards to the United States.  In an open letter to international leaders, the committee supposed that latest remarks by US President Donald Trump at the UN  General Assembly, i.e. UNGA was a ‘declaration of war’ against Pyongyang. North Korea’s Parliament, released the letter on Sunday.

In his introductory speech at the UNGA, Donald Trump threatened to “completely destroy” North Korea if required.

The letter portrays Trump’s comments as an “intolerable insult to the  North Korea people, a statement of war next to North Korea. And also  severe threats to the global peace.”

The letter reads that “If  Donald Trump thinks that he would fetch North Korea, nuclear power, to its knees throughout nuclear war threat, it is a big mistake and unawareness”.

The letter also declares that “From the primary day of his office, Trump has demeanour high-handed and arbitrary doings. He was also scrapping international laws and agreements. And  giving precedence to the US’s own interests “at the cost of the whole world.”

Trump, had previously threatened North Korea with “fire and the fury like the world has never observed. Renewed the threat at the UNGA, he alleged:  “The US has great potency and fortitude, but if it is obligatory to protect itself or its allies, we will have no alternative but to eradicate North Korea.”

He entitled Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader a “rocket man” who is “on a suicide mission.”

In building that exact remark, Trump supposedly ignored some of his top aides.  As they advised him that making personal assaults on the North Korean leader would backfire and wipe out any probability of starting talks with Pyongyang above its nuclear and missile programs.

Pyongyang describes Trump’s comments a “painful insult to the  North Korea people, a declaration of war aligned with the DPRK and severe threats to the global peace”.

As per the letter “If  Donald Trump thinks that he would take the DPRK, nuclear power to its knees throughout nuclear war threat, it is a big mistake and unawareness.”

The letter also added “from the primary day of his office Trump has carried out high-handed and random practices.  Scrapping international laws and agreements also giving precedence to the US own interests and at the expense of the whole world”, and request the parliaments to implement “sharp caution” about Washington.

Pyongyang uttered its “belief” that “parliaments of diverse countries in the world loving independence, harmony and fairness would take this chance to accomplish their due missions and duties”. The rogue state entitled to them to be alert of the “heinous and irresponsible moves of the Trump Administration” which is annoying to drive the world “into the horrifying nuclear disaster”.


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