SHAREit is having a total of 1.2 Billion user throughout the world

Bluetooth was the only way of transferring songs, movies and other apps. However the process may be slow but still, on old days, it was the only way of transferring files. Later on came many apps for transferring files. SHAREit is one of them which has now achieved a total of 1.2 billion users. It started with 100 million downloads in the month of March 2014. In a span of two and a half year, it reached 1.2 billion users worldwide. All this are according to the statement of the company. This app is available in Windows, iOS, and Android.

How SHAREit reached 1.2 billion users

It may be said to be the fastest mode of transferring files. SHAREit users are increasing every day.  According to Wang, SHAREit is the most important channel via which one can enjoy music, videos and most importantly transfer files. Globally it is having 1.2 billion users, 30 percent of the total user for SHAREit is from India and there is a download of over 300 million. Next motive of the company is to provide the support of local language. Till now it is available in 39 languages in 200 countries. This also includes Hindi.

According to certain researches, in India people of ages between 16 years and 28 years are said to be the most active users who engage themselves in downloading and using SHAREit. Not only to this age but SHAREit is popular for all kind of age group people. It is said to be one of the most important social distribution platforms which are content-integrated. According to Jason Wang who is the managing director of SHAREit India it is an important platform which makes a good effect in the fields of music, picture, videos, and applications. Let’s hope for more updates.

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