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New updates for Google Maps: A follow button is there for getting business updates and the Google Lens for the mobile web

Google Maps direction is always on the list of people who loves to travel. Moreover, it is used by the person who is new to a place. Recently Google Maps got two new features which will play a major role to make the platform of navigation more interactive than before. The most important update is that they are giving a follow button that will help you to keep yourself up to date with events, news and a few other updates that will cover certain business in your surroundings.

Google Lens is also there in the mobile web along with the integration of the selection of Google images. So Google maps app is very much useful for the people who do not know about the roads and streets of new places.

Google Maps new follow button

There are more than 150 million places in Google earth maps and there are millions of people who are looking for different places for visiting. So the new updates will be helping people to look after the places which they care about and it will also help them to know about new places that are on their way.

All this are according to the product manager Paul Cole. Google maps street view will give a 360-degree direction which makes the map more interesting and will help you by seeing all around the places inside the phone or pc.

There is a new follow button which is present in the listing of businesses. If you click this button once, then you will automatically all the recent updates and this will help you so that you do not miss the recent schemes or recent offers.

This is for different countries but it is not for India and some other countries. Soon it will be supported by other countries also. Not only this but Google is also allowing to create a profile for business which will appear three months before opening that will help the user to know about the development of places.

The details for when the business will open will be written in the listing in the Android and the mobile web. A minor update is also there for the Google maps on the development front. It has lowered the speed limits for 26 countries which also includes the US. There is also an upgradation of data for biking directions for places like Romania, Israel and Bulgaria.

Updates are also there on Google Lens

On pressing the Lens button on Google images, there will be dots appearing on the objects which will help you in knowing about the object more. Google Lens will be rolled out to other countries, languages but for now it is live in Us in English.

So day by day Google is creating a new milestone with their new versatile updates that is actually helping people a lot.

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