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5 ways to fix Bluetooth not working in windows 10

‘SCIENCE IS A BOON OR CURSE’ It’s rightly said that technology has advanced nowadays so much that the people are lacking their own Interest, the way of living the life, spending quality time with the family. Technology has overstepped all the pleasures of life. In this, a new era of technology people are self-oriented towards technology only, they do not bother with anything that is happening around them.

Computers have played a huge impact on human life. It has changed the lives of humans. Every day new inventions are made regarding technology. In the extreme inventions, there comes WINDOWS 10 feature in the PC.

Windows 10 is a Microsoft operating system for pe, tablets, and internet devices.   It gives u a new way to learn and establish yourself in the field of technology and enhance yourself to learn in a better way than u can.   Windows 10 has bought a new era in the field of technology. The intent is to make science done in India accessible to a larger audience. All you need is an Internet connection to access the content using a smartphone and computer, this can be done by Windows 10 installed on your devices. As everything has good and bad aspects too. Windows 10 also has some problems regarding fixing Bluetooth.

But after the upgradation to Windows 10 people are facing issues regarding the fix of the Bluetooth.

Here are some solutions to solve their problem regarding their Bluetooth connectivity:

  • Select the Start button, then select Settings > Update & security > Troubleshoot. Open Troubleshoot settings.
    Find and fix other problems, select Bluetooth > Run the troubleshooter.
  • Remove and Add the Bluetooth Devices:
    If the Bluetooth is not recognizing on refreshing then plug out the device and then connect it again.

    1. Go to the Control Panel option. Click hardware and sound and Bluetooth devices.
    2. Select the device that is not working and click on  “Remove” option.
    3. Click add option and reset it.

    4. Select My device is set and ready to be found checkbox and click next.
    5. When the Bluetooth device is found, select it, click Next and follow the rest of the wizards that are shown.

Another way to fix bluetooth windows 10 –

  • Update Bluetooth Driver to Fix Bluetooth Not Working in Windows 10:
    This first method should be the Bluetooth driver fix. The Bluetooth driver is the only software that makes computer and the Bluetooth adapter communicate. If the Bluetooth driver is not compatible with Windows 10, it will be deleted during the update. Therefore, check if the Bluetooth driver is properly responding or not.
    It is a professional driver fix tool for Windows. It helps you to identify if the Bluetooth driver has issues on Windows 10.
    Scan the hardware and devices to find out the driver problems.
    Fix the corrupted, damaged, or incompatible Bluetooth driver.
    Update to the latest Bluetooth driver for Windows 10.
    Download and install the best-matched driver in Windows 10.

One more compatible way to fix bluetooth windows 10 –

  • Allow Bluetooth Devices to Connect to This Computer:
    Make sure you have allowed the Bluetooth devices to connect to your computer. Try the steps below:

    1. Go to Control Panel. Click “Hardware and Sound” and “Bluetooth Devices”.

    2. Click the Options tab.

    3. Make sure the “Allow Bluetooth devices to connect to this computer” checkbox is selected.
  • Update driver:

        Go to driver manager option and right click on your  Bluetooth devices.

Select the properties option and go to advanced tab.

Write the number next to manufacture id. Visit the page and write the id

It will identify your device and will redirect you to the right page by which you can download the latest driver.

  • Check if the Bluetooth service is running:

  Go run option in the program menu and type service.MSC and open services.

      Find the Bluetooth support service.

      If this service is not enabled right click on it and select restart.

Wait for the whole process to finish.

Restart the PC.

  • Try different USB port-this may be the small reason why your Bluetooth device problem is not fixed. Sometimes the USB ports are not working properly by which the Bluetooth find its difficult to connect. To solve this issue kindly replace your port.

That’s it about this I hope by applying any of the above-mentioned processes will help you to solve this problem and fix your Bluetooth so that u may not suffer such problems later. These all are some simple steps by which you can get rid of the problem and can enjoy our features of  WINDOWS 10 More easily and frequently.

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