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Lowest form of Journalism

                 Lowest form of Journalism

india's daughter

The excerpted interview from the documentary film India’s Daughter with December 16 rape convicts Mukesh Singh, after creating much shock, awe and disgust seems to have landed in a controversy. Home Minister Rajnath Singh reportedly sought an explanation from Tihar Jail authorities about how Mukesh Singh was allowed to give an interview. The minister, according to sources, is upset “over a rapist being interviewed by BBC London and NDTV.


Meanwhile, the interview itself has divided people on Twitter. While some felt the interview underscores the pervasiveness of victim-blaming, others wondered what the film achieves by giving space and time to someone who obviously suffers from a sick mind set. Singh in the interview says: “She [Jyoti] should just be silent and allow the rape. Then they would have dropped her off after ‘doing her’ and only hit the boy.”

Here is the interview Singh gave to the channels: http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-31698154

It’s to be noted here that there are certain ethics to be followed while reporting on such sensitive cases, which involves an incident which had made people go out on streets. What’s the message the channels are trying to give by broadcasting the views of a rape accused?

Every Journalist is taught laws and ethics in their Journalism schools, which they’re expected to follow when it comes to reporting. Is this interview to create a fear among women in India? Nothing can go low than this.

According to the reports, of Times Now, “NDTV’s management will soon take call on whether the interview should be broadcasted or not, after itsuproar on social media.”



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