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Kamala Harris To Michelle Obama: Why Many Wore Purple To The Inauguration
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Kamala Harris To Michelle Obama: Why Many Wore Purple To The Inauguration

Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton all wore purple to the Inauguration. This fashion choice was not a mere coincidence.

Surprisingly everything that stood out at Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday was purple, and it cannot be a coincidence!

Several women – from Vice President Kamala Harris to Former First Lady Michelle Obama – opted to wear shades of purple to the inauguration. 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Senator Elizabeth Warren also arrived at the ceremony in purple, while incoming First Lady Jill Biden wore it for Tuesday night’s vigil at the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool.

The choice of color was not just a coincidence. Purple – a mix of Republican red and Democratic blue – has long been seen as a symbol of bipartisanship. The color also has historic ties to the women’s suffrage movement, according to NPR. Along with white and green, purple makes up the color of the suffragette flag.

Hillary Clinton confirmed that she wore purple to send out a message of unity. “I did wear purple with a purpose because I knew the theme that President Biden was striking was unity. I thought as you combine red and blue, the way that we are divided politically in our country, you get purple,” Ms. Clinton said. “I wanted just to send a bit of a symbolic message that we need to come together.”

According to CNN, the color purple also has an added significance for Ms. Harris. She chose it as a nod to Shirley Chisholm, who was the first Black woman to run for president under the Democratic party and the first Black woman elected to the US Congress. Ms. Chisholm often used purple in her campaign flyers.



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