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Happy Chocolate Day 2019 – Best wishes, quotes , Images



Happy Chocolate Day 
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As we all are in the month of February, called a month of love & romance and Valentines week. Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14, February every year. According to the history of Valentine’s Day, Saint Valentine of Rome before his execution wrote a letter to the blind daughter of his judge and signed as ‘ Your Valentine’ as a farewell.

Happy Chocolate Day 

This is a culture of Christians but now celebrated in every country not only couples but friends, colleagues, siblings, and parents with their children also celebrate it. It’s like a festival among Youths. In every country, we can see it’s effect and love.

Not only Valentine’s Day but also the whole month celebrated as a romantic month and it’s celebrated worldwide in every religion. Couples offer their love by gifting greeting cards, flowers, heart-shaped decorated items, stuffed toys, teddy bears, chocolates, etc and shower their love by taking their partners on romantic dates, attending parties, watched movies, traveling, long drives, etc.

But before coming to 14 February, Valentine’s Day week celebrated started from 7 February followed as

7th February as Rose Day

8th February as Propose Day

9th February as Chocolate Day

10th February as Teddy day

11th February as Promise Day

12th February as Kiss Day

13th February as Hug Day and finally

14th February as Valentine’s Day

Today’s 9th February Chocolate Day, it’s a day of sweets, couples share their love informs of sweets to spread sweetness in their relation and remove sour from their bond of love. Offering chocolates is a good way to express their love or even in a form to say sorry. Even children’s give chocolate to their friends to make their bond of friendship strong and celebrate it like any other festival. Chocolate can melt any angered person heart.

Happy Chocolate Day 

Someone says it’s true

“After a bar of Chocolate

                                              one can forgive anybody”

Even Chocolate is very good for health, it’s very nutritious, improve blood flow or lower Blood Pressure, Reduce Heart Disease risk, improve Brain Function and good for skin. Presenting Chocolates is also a symbol to wish for a person or partner good health.





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    Fair Skin Ads Will Lead To 5 Year Jail And Rs 50 Lakhs Fine



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    The Health and Family Welfare Ministry of India proposed a draft amendment of the Drugs and Magic Remedies bill under the Objectionable Advertisements Act of 1954 to include a stringent punishment for advertisements that involved a fine up to Rs. 50 Lakhs and a jail term of up to five years.

    This draft amendment added several conditions, diseases, and disorders to the bill along with the pre-existing conditions covered in the Act. the Act mentions that medicines of magic remedied and products to cure any of the 54 diseases, disorders or conditions in the list should not be advertised.

    The new addition to the list increases the total from 54 to 78 that includes advertisements of drugs that promoted fair skin, enhancing sexual performance, improvement of heights in adults or children, increase in brain capacity and memory, improvement in strength of teeth and vision, change of fetal gender, curing AIDS, treating stammering, infertility, premature aging and greying of hair.

    Under the Act, the first conviction is punishable with a jail term of six months or fine or both. A subsequent conviction can lead to jail term of one year or fine or both. This amendment further proposed to increase penalties where the first conviction would lead to a jail term of two years and a fine up to Rs 10 lakhs and for subsequent conviction the jail term to be increased to five years and fines to be increased up to Rs 50 lakhs.

    According to the Ministry, this amendment is being made to be in pace with the dynamic time and technology. Along with that, suggestions, comments and objections from public and stakeholders will be sought which would be forwarded within 45 days from the date of issuance of the notice. The draft amendment will also try to expand the definition of an advertisement which would add “any audio or visual publicity, representation, endorsement or pronouncement made utilizing light and sound, gas or smoke, print media or electronic media, internet website and includes any kind of notice, circular, label, wrapper, invoice, banner, poster or such other documents” to the existing definition.

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    Herbal Green Tea Health Benefits, Research



    Herbal Green Tea
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    Tea is the most preferred beverage across the world besides water and coffee. Over the past many centuries, green Herbal tea is used as a traditional medicine in countries like China and India and popular even now. The exclusive genetic makeup of the green tea hailed it to be the healthiest beverage in the world.

    What makes it extraordinary?

    Generally, all tea like oolong tea, black tea is obtained by oxidation of the dried leaves and buds of camellia sinesis bushes. The level of oxidation determines the ability of the tea. The length of the processing time gives the tea it’s distinct taste, appearance, and quality. Green tea is extracted from the unoxidised leaves hence loaded with more antioxidants and many nutrients. The chemical constituents of green tea are flavonoids of four types and 30% is polyphenols including natural antioxidants like catechin named EGCG (EpiGallactoChinGallate). EGCG is believed to be responsible for the unique property of green tea. Catechin like antioxidants deemed to decrease the free radicals present in our body thereby protecting the molecules from damage. Hence used as herbal medicine.

    Windfalls of Green Tea:

    Green tea is one of those herbal medicines whose benefits are beyond the listing. Right from minor ailments like headache, cold and fever, digestion to severe chronic heart disease and certain types of cancers. The research is still going on the extraordinary potency of green tea. The listing below the benefits of consuming green tea.

    Minor illnesses managed by green tea are

    • Relieve the Headache.
    • Controls nausea.
    • Aids digestion
    • Boost immunity
    • Green tea is antiaging- keeps you younger
    • Fights viral and bacterial infections.
    • Keeps you hydrated.
    • Resist cold and flu.
    • Avoids depression and anxiety.
    • Removes dental plaque.
    • Prevents acne outbursts.
    • Improves the quality of sleep.

    Apart from these ailments, green Herbal tea is supposed to have a significant role in the management of chronic and dreadful diseases. Enumerating them below

    • Safeguard against Cardiovascular diseases: The EGCG present in the green tea lowers the LDL and triglycerides thereby protecting against atherosclerosis i.e. plaque formation in the arteries, most common cause of the cardiovascular diseases like stroke and cardiac failure.
    • Defense against Degenerative brain disorders: a study in mice shows that green tea protects brain cells from dying and restores damaged cells hence works by delaying the worsening of Alzheimer and Parkinson disease.
    • Say no to the pain of Arthritis: Polyphenols found in green herbal tea reduces inflammation and slow down the damage of cartilage by blocking the molecule responsible for joint injury in people with rheumatoid arthritis.
    • Warrior of Cancers: antioxidants found in green tea like EGCG plays a vital role in the treatment and management of certain cancers. It decreases the levels of insulin-like growth factors-1 (IGF-1) and increases the binding proteins thus reducing the risk of developing breast, colon, prostate and lung cancer. Furthermore, EGCG curtails the expression of compounds involved in the metastasis of cancer. As per the study in cancer research, March 2005, EGCG inhibits an enzyme dihydrofolate reductase which is a target of most of anti-cancer drugs and acts by inhibiting the fundamental cancer survival proteins thus preventing the growth of the cancerous cell.
    • Manage Diabetes mellitus: green herbal tea enhances insulin sensitivity and balances blood glucose levels especially prevent the spike in fasting blood sugar.
    • Master controller of Cholesterol and weight: green tea decreases the level of low-density lipids (LDL, bad cholesterol) and triglycerides. And also increases the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol by facilitating the fat oxidation and defends from many diseases. Since the fat level decreases it’s an ally for weight loss.
    • Green tea for a healthy heart: green tea prevents blood clot formation inside the blood vessels and staves off multiple sclerosis which is a leading cause of several heart diseases.
    • Protects from Flu: green herbal tea is considered to protect yourself against viral infections caused by herpes simplex, HIV-1, Epstein Barr etc. L-theanine of green tea activates human gamma-delta T-lymphocytes to proliferate and produce interferon-gamma (If-G); a potent antimicrobial cytokine that acts as the first line of defense against blood-borne infections. Likewise, Polyphenols block the hemagglutinin enzyme by inhibiting the ability to infect the other cells and also alters the composition of the viral cell membrane by suppressing viral RNA synthesis.
    • Regulate blood pressure: green herbal tea produces a relaxing effect on the blood vessels causing vasodilation and keeps check on the elevation of blood pressure. Signa for green tea consumption: how much and when?

    Though you can enjoy herbal green herbal tea anytime but is believed to have a great impact on our metabolism when taken in the morning or early afternoon. It’s even beneficial to drink before getting to bed if you are suffering from any sleep disorders. However, anything in excess can flip it merits and can harm us. So, drinking up to 6 cups is ideal to reap it’s health benefits exceeding the maximum of 10cups I.e. around 2.3 liters.

    Green tea contraindications- time for the alert:

    • Caffeine sensitive people: As green tea contains little amount of caffeine, it may elicit anaphylactic reactions or may cause anxiety, insomnia, irritability and upset stomach in people, who are sensitive to caffeine.
    • Green tea interacts with certain drugs: Patients taking CNS stimulants like modafinil and amphetamine consumes green tea, it may cause rapid heartbeat and high blood pressure.
    • It also lowers the levels of antihypertensive drugs like nadolol, thereby interfering with its activity.
    • Pregnant women need to be careful: It may reduce the bioavailability of folic acid in pregnant women which sometimes may cause miscarriages.

    Bottom line:

    Green tea is more popular now a day and is available in various forms in the right from tea bags to supplement capsules. Selection of organic green herbal tea devoid of any insecticide or pesticide usage is essential to reap the multitude of benefits of green herbal tea. If you have any medical condition or taking any medicines, it is recommended to talk to your health professional before adding green tea in your diet.


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    Huda Kattan: Self made woman behind the largest cosmetics brand “Huda Beauty”!



    Huda Kattan
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    Huda beauty, a very known and hyped name for all the girls out there. Little does anyone know, this is the original multi cosmetic and fragrance brand created by a woman named Huda Kattan. Well, the brand was originally a blog run by her in 2010. It finally evolved into a $1.2 billion dollar company. With enormous appreciation and growing sells of her product, she has earned a total of 40.9 million followers on Instagram and over 3.78 million on YouTube. She not only has a huge fan base but also her products are used by top models, fashion influencers, makeup artist, celebrities all over the world.

    Huda Kattan

    PC: Huda Kattan instagram


    Her Early Life.

    The 36 year old Iraqi-American Entrepreneur is the middle daughter of immigrants from Iraq and was born in Oklahoma, US. She faced a lot of problems being a non-white , faced racism and differentiation. She loved makeup since her early age. She kept on building her confidence and found that confidence in make-up. She studied buisness and finance at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. She got a PR job n Dubai right after her graduation. But for her achieving her passion and dreams were most important things than her job. She started off as a make-up artist, but she struggled finding clients.


    How did it all start – Huda Beauty.

    She started a blog named Huda Beauty, which mainly focused on Make-up tutorials, tips and tricks. Her regular connectivity with her audience made her secure a presence on the social media platforms. She took a small financial loan from her sisters and started growing her brand. Her first successful attempt was when her self made false eyelashes got sold out on the first day of its launch. She launched her own line of faux mink lashes. She gained praise from big names like Kim Kardashian West and other celebrities worldwide. After this her brand started to gain significance.

    Her net worth is $610 million. She is also listed as one of the richest self-made women and one of the top three Beauty influencers by Forbes.


    Huda Beauty hit over $1.5 million sales in the first year of its launch. The second year hit $10 million. Quite a growth! Apart from being the bestsellers at Sephora in the Middle-East, the company acquired over 900+ stores all over U.S.

    India is also not behind. Huda Beauty has been the most hyped cosmetic brand and recognizable company in India and among Indian people. Huda Kattan remains thankful to the internet, which has been the ultimate platform for her to showcase her creativity and talent.


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    Star studded final show of Jean Paul Gaultier



    Star studded final show of Jean Paul Gaultier
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    The good old famous french designer Paul Gaultier announced his retirement from Paris couture fashion week just a few days ago. He said that his last show will be his spring 2020 show. The twitter world was flooding with posts recalling him as the “fashion icon”. He came into recognition after he dressed Madonna, and then there was no turning back.

    He continued to amaze people with his unique designs and traditional styles. He also designed skirts for men. The 67-year-old designer is also a writer. He created a television series known as “Eurotrash“. He even collaborated with various other brands to showcase his unique style of dressing and designs.

    People had been praising the icon for the past 50 years, and many, on twitter called it the end of an era.


    His final show had to be an epic one. Many celebrities came up to be a part of the show and bid him farewell. The show showcased 200 looks which featured recycled garments from his archive. There were a bunch of fresh-faced models, pop stars, supermodels, movie stars, etc. Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid were among the group. Apart from them, celebrities like Farida Khelfa, Rossy de Palma, Coco Rocha, Winnie Harlow, Amanda Lear were present. His iconic 50-year-old career came to an end, while people are still excited about what he will be doing next.


    The fashion icon designed the famous cone bra corset, which was worn by Madonna in her 1990 Blonde Ambition Tour.

    From Lady Gaga to Rihanna, from Madonna to Cate Blanchett, he created spectacular masterpieces that defined fashion in real sense.

    Designers like Pierre Cardin, Christian Lacroix were present in the show to make memories and celebrate Gaultier’s successful 50 years.


    Gigi Hadid was seen in a very lively nautical-inspired look with a fan-shaped decorated top. Her sister Bella Hadid, on the other hand, wore a sheer see-through dress with a hint of light green color.

    Moreover, Gaultier’s last show was star-studded and a successful one. After the walks, all the stars went up the stage to celebrate 50 iconic years in the fashion industry!


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    Best Intermittent Fasting: Benefits and its Results, skipping meals is good



    Intermittent fasting
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    Do you skip food overtime….! People often believe that skipping a meal may cause you to starve making you physically weak and languid. But is that true?? In recent days, people adopt an intermittent fasting strategy is an easy and convenient approach towards losing weight, attaining proper metabolism and expanding their life span.

    What is Intermittent fasting benefits and its Results

    Intermittent fasting has shown a better result when compared to a calorie-restricted diet. Switch on to starvation mode, drop in metabolism during a calorie-restricted diet can be prevented by opting intermittent fasting.

    All you have to do is maintaining a proper pattern of eating and fast for a specific period. putting you at ease, intermittent fasting comes with many plans.

    Which strategy suits you the best?

    16/8 fasting: eat in 8 hours of the day and fast for 16 hours including all night till noon. it may sound scary to fast 16 hours but fast don’t literally mean to go hungry but can consume non-caloric food and beverages. To make it simple, have your dinner as last meal and fast till lunch by skipping breakfast. This method is called  “lean gains protocol” by fitness expert Martin Berkhan. You can add 2-3 meals in the 8 hours eating window. It is the most popular approach to weight loss.

    Best Intermittent Fasting diet plan

     7 AM Wake up Black coffee

    (Medium cup)

    9 AMHydrate yourselfMineral Water
    1-2 PM SnackSalads
    5-6 PM MealsA lot of calories
    8-9 PM Snack Non-caloric drink before bed

    5:2 diet: it is a kind of calorie-restricted diet termed as a fast diet, popularised by British journalist Michael Mosley. Eat normally for 5 days and restrict your calorie intake for the rest of two days. The ideal calorie restriction advisable for women and men is 500 and 600 respectively. Confused about what to eat for 500 calories to figure it out here’s a plan!!

    BreakfastLow caloric fruit with yogurt48 calories
    LunchBowl of vegetable soup105 calories
    DinnerMeal283 calories
    SnacksHalf a curly wurly57.5 calories

    Fast day by day:  alternate fasting help you lose your weight rapidly. All you need to do is have a regular meal one day and say no to a meal the next day. It may prove hard for epicure individuals cause fasting for 24 hours isn’t a piece of cake. But can enjoy noncaloric drinks like green tea, black tea, hint essence water, in short, any natural drink with no added sugar but no solid food is allowed. This method is popularised by fitness expert Brad Pilon. If you’re doing this for weight loss then eat normally during the eating window as you eat without fast.

    Eat normallyFast

    (Noncaloric drinks allowed)

    Eat normallyFast

    (Noncaloric drinks allowed)

    Eat normallyFast

    (Noncaloric drinks allowed)

    Eat normally


    Eat-fast-eat: make a chain of eating fast eat and again repeat the same one to two times a week. Say for a month your schedule will be eat-fast-eat-eat-fast-eat-eat.  Skip your meal for entirely one day i.e.24 hours from dinner to dinner or lunch to lunch and eat a healthy meal in the next day. It may found easy in the beginning few hours but 24 hours fast is something big so better to initiate it with 14-16 hours fast and progress gradually. Since it seems extreme it is not advisable for beginners. The calorie intake of 500 is allowed in some cases.

    Eat healthilyFast


    Eat healthilyEat


    FastEat healthily Fast

    Day-fast and night-feast: if you feel it a herculean task to stay 24 hours without a meal but want to lose weight simultaneously, then this strategy is going to accommodate you. Generally, it is well known under the title “warrior diet” u have just to eat a small portion of food containing raw fruits and veggies in the daytime and end up having a big meal at night.

    BreakfastFruit with yogurt
    LunchVeggies soup
    DinnerHuge meal


    Random fasting: following all the regular schedules may be tougher and boring too…. we can gain the benefits even without following a scheduled pattern. we can skip meals randomly whenever you are not really hungry or you may be busy enough to cook, traveling somewhere and didn’t find anything to eat, just go without a meal. Our body doesn’t starve by just skipping meals it already had saved fuel to use the number of the skipped meal is in proportion to the pounds of weight you lose. Consider the ratio of meals you had and meals u skipped to reap the real benefit out of it.



    Tips to make your intermittent fasting successful Results:

    • Intermittent fasting is a time-consuming process and needs your complete dedication. Don’t indulge in some other methods for weight loss. Don’t give up soon, give some time to your body to adapt to the change. Adhere to the diet.
    • At the beginning of fasting, you may feel lethargic and energy less and crave for food. Try some source of energy like noncaloric beverages to curb your cravings.
    • While breaking you’re fast don’t binge on eating. Keep a check on the amount of food your body needs than overeating.
    • Consume protein-rich food and low fat and carbohydrates in your diet.
    • Prefer beverages like water, lime water, coffee, coconut water to keep yourself hydrated. Say no to soda and carbonated drinks with added sugars.
    • Just your on fast doesn’t mean you don’t need workout. Exercise is compulsory.


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