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As we all are in the month of February, called a month of love & romance and Valentines week. Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14, February every year. According to the history of Valentine’s Day, Saint Valentine of Rome before his execution wrote a letter to the blind daughter of his judge and signed as ‘ Your Valentine’ as a farewell.

Happy Chocolate Day 

This is a culture of Christians but now celebrated in every country not only couples but friends, colleagues, siblings, and parents with their children also celebrate it. It’s like a festival among Youths. In every country, we can see it’s effect and love.

Not only Valentine’s Day but also the whole month celebrated as a romantic month and it’s celebrated worldwide in every religion. Couples offer their love by gifting greeting cards, flowers, heart-shaped decorated items, stuffed toys, teddy bears, chocolates, etc and shower their love by taking their partners on romantic dates, attending parties, watched movies, traveling, long drives, etc.

But before coming to 14 February, Valentine’s Day week celebrated started from 7 February followed as

7th February as Rose Day

8th February as Propose Day

9th February as Chocolate Day

10th February as Teddy day

11th February as Promise Day

12th February as Kiss Day

13th February as Hug Day and finally

14th February as Valentine’s Day

Today’s 9th February Chocolate Day, it’s a day of sweets, couples share their love informs of sweets to spread sweetness in their relation and remove sour from their bond of love. Offering chocolates is a good way to express their love or even in a form to say sorry. Even children’s give chocolate to their friends to make their bond of friendship strong and celebrate it like any other festival. Chocolate can melt any angered person heart.

Happy Chocolate Day 

Someone says it’s true

“After a bar of Chocolate

                                              one can forgive anybody”

Even Chocolate is very good for health, it’s very nutritious, improve blood flow or lower Blood Pressure, Reduce Heart Disease risk, improve Brain Function and good for skin. Presenting Chocolates is also a symbol to wish for a person or partner good health.





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