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More Than 2 Eggs/Day Deadly For Heart: Study



Are eggs good or bad for you? – It’s been in talks for years. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, the study tracked the health and lifestyle habits of nearly 30,000 adults in the US for as long as 31 years. Based on recent reports, eating more than two eggs daily can increase the risk of death and developing cardiovascular diseases.

The right kind of food with balanced nutrition can make or break your workout routine and possibly affect the desired results. So what to munch on? Quality carbohydrates are important pre-workout and lean proteins post-workout, according to experts.

An average-sized egg contains about 6 to7 grams of protein, high in nutrients and is especially weight loss friendly. Despite its healthful note, eggs have high cholesterol levels have made a questionable dietary choice for years. Because of high in cholesterol results also high in saturated fats, and it’s those saturated fats that cause an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

But, according to Katherine Tucker, Professor at the University of Massachusetts Lowell in the US, It was found that the cholesterol in eggs, when consumed in large quantities, is associated with ill health effects.

One large egg contains nearly 200 milligrams of cholesterol, roughly the same amount as an eight-ounce steak, according to the US Department of Agriculture.

According to researchers, consuming more than 300 milligrams of cholesterol per day is associated with a 17% higher risk of cardiovascular disease and an 18% higher risk of death.

According to Katherine Tucker, eating several eggs in a week is reasonable but she recommends people to avoid eating three eggs omelettes every day as balancing and moderation is very important in nutrition.

It should be noted that eating too much of one thing leaves less room in the diet for other foods that may have more health benefit. Anything excess is harmful.




The Cream of the Sunday Brunch Crop: Chef Pablo Naranjo Agular



When it comes to food, Mumbai never fails to deliver. The unmatched dynamic duo of ‘Mumbai and Food’ is what the spirit of the city thrives on.

Home to a plethora of both experienced and up and coming Chefs, and both old landmark restaurants and newer hip joints, the City is always buzzing with the promise of a new taste for your palate.

Chef Pablo in action at The A Club, Lower Parel on Sunday, 1st December.

Chef Pablo Naranjo Agular, having gotten his start at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris before agreeing to the big move to Mumbai to work alongside renowned Indian restauranteur and Celebrity Chef ‘Pooja Dhingra’ toward the establishment of “Le 15 café”, the quintessential food haven, has never failed to create quite a stir in the culinary scene of Mumbai. Having traveled extensively across continents in his culinary journey, his experience is unparalleled and his passion and creativity are unmatched.

The manifestation of this fiery passion and noteworthy creativity was evident as the Colombian Chef with a knack for Hindi and a love for pani puri, known for much more than his charming personality, put together a unique Latin American brunch experience which featured homestyle typical Colombian lunch food at ‘The A Club’ in Lower Parel on Sunday Afternoon.

The menu featured signature dishes right from appetizers such as Pan De Yuca and Empanadas to the glorious mains of Huevos Rancheros, the ideal brunch essential featuring eggs with a variety of authentic ingredients such as corn, chorizo, and jalapeños sparking a mouthfeel to die for! The Ceviche de Camarones, a beautiful marriage of textures and flavors between the fresh, zesty, juicy prawns and the creamy mashed potato base set the benchmark very high. Alongside these, the Ropa Vieja (pulled buff/chicken with fried sweet plantain, aliño & rice) and Recalentao (fried rice with refer to beans, sweet banana plantain, tomato concasse, a sunny side up, chorizo & chicharron) impressed just as well. At the end of the dessert course, Chef Pablo left the patrons wanting more. The ‘Moms coffee pudding’ was nothing short of delectable. The ‘Colombian tres leches’ featured an absolutely moist sponge cake that hit all the right spots and marked the perfect end to an even perfect meal.

It’s absolutely awe-inspiring to witness such individuality, artistry and vision from individuals of the likes of Chef Pablo Naranjo Agular. If you don’t want to miss out on such golden opportunities to sample and feast on some of the best in the culinary game, stay hooked to his Instagram and follow up on his stories!

Food never disappoints and that’s a promise.

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Obesity and Related Diseases



An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In simple words, prevention is better than cure. We are very well aware of the fact that nowadays the number of people suffering from obesity has definitely increased. While we have previously discussed the benefits of exercising Let us now discuss why one should aim at reducing weight?

The reason behind weight gain

Before discussing the side effects of obesity, let us first know how does one become obese? When a person consumes more calories than required, the person is definitely on the verge of weight gain. Obesity is also prevalent among those who do not burn the extra calories that they have consumed. Also, if one does not drink an adequate amount of water, then there is a good chance that he/she may become obese. Let me elaborate on how does this happen.  Drinking water boosts our metabolism, suppresses our appetite, and helps us in shedding water weight. At times obesity may also be because of a disease, which is obviously unavoidable.

Now post discussing the reasons behind obesity let us know its side effects.

The side effects of obesity are obviously diseases. Let us discuss them.

1)  Type II Diabetes

If you are overweight or obese, it puts you at risk of developing this deadly disease. Although the body is making enough insulin but the cells of one’s body resist the action of insulin. Now the next question that pops in one’s head is that what is insulin? It is a hormone secreted by the pancreas; insulin uses the sugar in our body and this sugar is obtained from carbohydrates. Insulin’s primary function is to maintain our blood’s sugar levels.

2) High Blood Pressure

Before discussing this disease, let us first know what blood pressure is. We know that our heartbeats. But do you know why does it beat? The beating of the heart is because it pumps blood to the organs of our body in order to provide oxygen to them. Blood pressure is the strength of this pushing. Obesity pressurizes our heart to pump in more blood and puts extra strain on our arteries. All this result in heart attack and strokes.

3) Sleep Apnea

Now the above-mentioned diseases are common and known by many. This disease, in particular, is not known by people. Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. If a person snores loudly and is tired even after a full night’s sleep, chances are there that you might have sleep apnea.

The different types of sleep apnea are:

  • Obstructive sleep apnea: This takes place when throat muscles relax.
  • Central sleep apnea: Occurs when the brain doesn’t send proper signals to the muscles that control breathing.
  • Complex sleep apnea syndrome: This is also termed as treatment-emergent central sleep apnea, usually occurs when someone has both obstructive sleep apnea and central sleep apnea.

Obesity can increase the chances of sleep apnea. An obese person obviously will have more fat stored around the neck thereby making our airway smaller. A smaller airway can make breathing difficult or loud (because of snoring), or breathing may stop altogether for short periods of time.

4) Fatty Liver Disease

As the name says, this disease is prevalent when fat builds around the liver. It is further categorized into two types namely:

  • Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a type of fatty liver disease that is not related to heavy alcohol use
  • Alcoholic fatty liver disease, also called alcoholic steatohepatitis, is due to heavy alcohol use.

The disease affects people who are middle-aged, obese or diabetic.

Although we have discussed some major diseases related to obesity, there are a few more like:

  1. Ostoeporosis
  2. Osteoarthritis
  3. Cancer
  4. Kidney Disease

Therefore it is very important that we stay fit and healthy and avoid being obese. At times obesity also leads to depression. So, one should monitor his/her diet and refrain from getting obese. After all Obesity is a mental state, a disease brought on by boredom and disappointment. One should always aim at being fit and healthy.  Obesity is just like slow poisoning and takes away one’s life slowly and steadily.

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Essential foods to beat the summer heat



India is a country which is rich in diversity. People living in our country speak different languages, wear different clothes have different festivals. Our country also has diverse geography. When the Northern region experiences extreme winters, the south, on the other hand, has pleasant winters. But summers in India are the worst, as there is no part of the country that can escape the summer heat. 

 It is the month of April and the temperatures have already begun to rise. With May and June yet to come, the condition will get worse. So, in order to escape the summer heat, people take preventive measures like using Air Conditioners, coolers, covering oneself with a cloth to protect the skin from Sun’s harmful UV Rays, etc. We do everything possible in our hand to protect our outer body. But what about the inner body 

The summers are famous for loo. Now you must be wondering what loo is? These are winds from the west that are hot, dry, strong and dusty, flow over North India. The next thing that comes to our mind is how is loo harmful? Well, a loo can cause fatal heat strokes and severe dehydration due to its high temperature. Obviously, we need to have certain foods or essential foods that increase our fluid intake and prevent us from dehydration. So, following are the foods that enhance our taste buds and protect us as well. 


The king of fruits is everyone’s all-time favorite. The fruit is rich in Vitamins like A, C, D, iron, potassium and calcium. It is known to reduce the blood pressure and cholesterol levels in our body. The fruit is found in abundance in our country. So, whenever you feel the urge to eat something hydrating and tasty then just simply grab a mango.



This fruit is hardly disliked by anyone. Oranges are rich in potassium and therefore help you to survive the sweatiest summer days. The 80% water content in the fruit makes it a must have for the summers.  


The name says it all. The fruit is primarily composed of water and on an added bonus, its intake reduces food cravings. Presence of lycopene in the fruit protects the skin from sun damage. 


Cucumber also has high water content and serves the purpose of reducing our thirst. When soaked in water it also proves to be a great detox drink. 


Well who doesn’t like tomatoes. They are loved by all. Since it is 93% water composed, it becomes an important content for your salads.  

Musk Melon 

Rich in potassium, this fruit is a must have for deadly Indian summers. Potassium helps in regulating the blood pressure and thereby the fruit must be included in one’s diet. 


Very few of us like green vegetables. But mind you they are very important and our regular consumption of these makes us healthy. Rich in antioxidants, lettuce, when eaten raw, is the most beneficial for us. 


Surprisingly it contains 92% water by weight and makes it the best vegetable for the Indian summers. It is rich in Vitamin C and K and reduces the cholesterol level. 

It is important to take care of our outer body but the inner body shouldn’t be ignored either. So, pay attention to your body this summer and grab any of the above-mentioned food items to ease out the summer heat.

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Banana – The magic fruit for women




Banana: Commonly available across the world. It is the energy booster, high in potassium and contain good amount of protein and protein and dietary fibre. Potassium is important and helps in maintaining fluid levels in body, regulates the movement of nutrients and waste of the cells. In India it is used in variety of cuisines like kheer, halwa, payasam, sheera and paniyaram etc. Raw banana is also used in making snacks like banana wafers, kebabs, pakoras etc. If you travel towards south, in Kerala it is used to make the famous curries avail and kalan. When we go to northeast, their local breakfast is cereal known as jolpan consists of puffed rice with curd and jaggery topped with banana pieces. It is also used in most of natural home remedies in India such as upset stomach.


Incredible reasons that one must include banana in his/her diet:

High fibre content

Loaded with both soluble and insoluble fibre. Soluble fibre keeps you feeling full for longer period of time. This is the reason banana is included in breakfast. 

Heart health: It is good for your heart as it can lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases and coronary heart diseases.  Ease in digestion: It supports digestion and helps in building metabolism. 

Power of nutrients: It is rich in essential vitamins and minerals such as niacin, calcium, potassium, folate, iron, riboflavin and B6 which contribute in proper functioning of the body and keeps it healthy. 

High in potassium: high potassium makes banana a super fruit which helps in regulating heartbeat, blood pressure and keeps brain alert. 

Helps in fighting Anaemia: High in iron content so helps in fighting anaemia. Anaemia is a condition in which the number of red blood cells or haemoglobin decreases which can lead to shortness of breath, paleness and fatigue.

Constipation: Gives natural relief from constipation as they have enough fibre in them. 

Temperature control: helps you to remain cool in hot days. 

Ulcers: It limits you from the suffering of stomach ulcers. The smooth, soft, mushy texture coats on the banana protects against corrosive acids, irritation. 

Depression: It makes people relax and help them to overcome depression because they are having high levels of tryptophan which convert themselves into serotonin. 

Tumor Necrosis Factor: It is cancer fighting substance which can fight tumor cells.

So eat one banana every day to keep diseases at bay.

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Top home remedies to increase Hemoglobin level Natural ways



Hemoglobin is available in red platelets. It is principally made out of iron. Hemoglobin is in charge of conveying oxygen from the lungs to the body tissues. It conveys carbon dioxide from the body tissues to the lungs and after that out of the framework. Hemoglobin is vital to having a healthy life. Its shortage in the blood can prompt iron deficiency. Not consuming a diet rich in iron, folic corrosive, Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 can prompt abatement of hemoglobin levels.

The side effects of low hemoglobin levels are tiredness, weakness, and shortness of breath, dazedness, brainy pains and fair skin. How to increase hemoglobin level? There are some home solutions for increment hemoglobin level. Here, we are sharing some compelling home remedies to increase hemoglobin levels

Top Best home remedies to increase Hemoglobin level-Natural ways

Utilize legumes in your daily food intake

A wide range of vegetables is filled with iron. Vegetables incorporate soy nuts, red kidney beans, chickpeas, dark beans, lentils, Eating legumes in your every day eating regimen will enhance your iron level.

Drink Beetroot juice

Beetroot is a loaded source of iron. You can eat beetroot in different structures, for example, servings of mixed greens, beetroot squeeze or set up a sweet dish of beetroot. And you can prepare juice from it. Beetroot is a powerful home remedy increase hemoglobin level.

Consumption of iron-rich foods

You can expand hemoglobin levels by taking foods rich in iron, for example, spinach and fenugreek take off. They furnish us with great iron supply and help in expanding hemoglobin levels. Having iron-rich foods is one of the viable home solutions for an increment of hemoglobin level.

Get Vitamin C fruits and vegetables

Vitamin C-rich foods incorporate all citrus natural products, papaya, oranges, strawberries, and grapes. Vegetables, for example, capsicum, broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes, and spinach additionally contain vitamin C.

Dried herbs

Including dried herbs, for example, coriander, spearmint, basil, chervil, dried parsley, cove leaf to your eating routine can help in expanding hemoglobin levels. Continuously add these dry herbs to your nourishment. Aside from giving iron, they likewise add flavor to your food

Pumpkin seeds

They are rich in iron. They additionally contain Omega-3 unsaturated fats and zinc. You can eat them raw or you can likewise have them with serving of mixed greens.

Eat Watermelon

Watermelon furnishes iron alongside large amounts of proteins, sugars, potassium, vitamin C and vitamin B. Routinely having this natural product can increase hemoglobin levels. It will likewise give vitality and stamina to your body.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is vital for expanding hemoglobin level. You should have foods that contain enough measure of vitamin B12 and folate. Meat and eggs are rich in Vitamin B12.


Grapes are superb sources of iron, particularly dark grapes. You ought not to neglect to have grapes with your different organic products for expanding your hemoglobin levels.

Dry fruits

Dried organic products, for example, apricots, prunes, dates, and raisins are phenomenal wellsprings of hemoglobin. The high iron substance in the dried organic product helps build hemoglobin. They likewise give different supplements and vitamins to the body.


Fish is a superb source of hemoglobin. Seafood, for example, clams, tuna, catfish, salmon, shellfish, and sardines are great wellsprings of hemoglobin. Fish is likewise among the foods that enhance hemoglobin.


Flavors, for example, thyme, cumin seeds, oregano, basil, cinnamon, and sage are rich wellsprings of iron. Consequently, bear in mind to incorporate these flavors into your eating regimen. Sesame seeds they are rich in iron and help to expand hemoglobin levels. You can have them with any sweet dish or can prepare a dish out of it.

Dairy items

Dairy items, for example, milk, buttermilk, cheese, and curd is great wellsprings of iron and help in expanding hemoglobin levels.

Consume Red Meat

Red meat is unlimited in iron. Red meat assimilates iron effectively contrasted with plant sources. Mutton, beef, chicken liver is great wellsprings of iron. It is outstanding amongst other foods that expansion hemoglobin.



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Dark chocolates can reduce stress and improve your memory-Says new Study



dark chocolates

Here’s some enriching news for chocolate cravers over the world. As indicated by a most recent investigation, dark chocolates can reduce stress and improve your memory, and in addition, enhance immunity and mood. Indeed you heard that right. The scientists guaranteed this could be because of the plenteous convergence of cacao – a noteworthy wellspring of flavonoids, in dark chocolates.

Health specialists and nutritionists over the world have frequently stressed about the advantages of flavonoids found in cacao. potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents may have useful impacts on brain and cardiovascular health, the analysts said.

“For a considerable length of time, we have taken a look at the impact of dark chocolate on neurological capacities from the outlook of sugar content – the more sugar, the more joyful we are,” said lead agent Lee S. Berk, from Loma Linda University in California, US.

” We have looked at the impact of big amounts of cacao in doses as little as a regular-sized chocolate bar in a person over small or extended periods of the instance, and are encouraged by the findings,” Berk included.

The discoveries were exhibited at the Experimental Biology 2018 gathering in San Diego, US.

The discoveries uncovered that dark chocolate may likewise influence human gene expression. It manages cellular immune reaction, neural flagging, and tactile discernment.

Cacao utilization up-manages various intracellular flagging pathways engaged with T-cell initiation, cell immune response, and qualities engaged with neural flagging and tangible recognition – the specialists said that the last was possibly connected with the wonders of mind hyperplasticity.

“These examinations demonstrate to us that higher the centralization of cacao, the more positive the effect on cognizance, memory, temperament, insusceptibility and other helpful impacts,” Berk noted.

For the investigation, the team analyzed the effect of a lot of cacao in measurements as little as a generally estimated chocolate bar in people over short or drawn out stretches of time.

To analyze the outcomes better, the group evaluated the electroencephalography (EEG) reaction to devouring 48 g of dark chocolates after an intense timeframe (30 minutes) and after an incessant timeframe (120 minutes), on adjusting brain frequencies 0-40Hz, particularly gainful gamma frequency (25-40Hz).

Berk said the studies require advance examination, to guarantee any conclusion. Encourage examinations are required particularly to decide the essentialness of these impacts for immune cells and the brain in bigger investigation populaces.

Here are some more advantages of dark chocolates that would influence you to love your chocolate bar significantly more.

  • Controls overeating habits

Research demonstrates that dark chocolates have high satiety esteem and in this way, they influence you to feel full for a more extended time. They are pressed with MUFA’S (monounsaturated unsaturated fats) that are known to support your digestion and consume fat.

  • Manages your weight

Dark chocolate may help you with your weight loss diet objectives. A recent report led by the University of California took a focus at the eating routine of 1000 Americans found that the individuals who ate dark chocolate a couple of times each week were on a normal, slimmer than the individuals who ate it every so often. The specialists went ahead to state that despite the fact that dark chocolate is stacked with calories, it contains fixings that may support weight reduction.

  • Reduces Cholesterol level

Studies demonstrate that restrained quantity of dark chocolate can bring down LDL which is terrible cholesterol and raise HDL which is great cholesterol. This thusly decreases the danger of cardiovascular illnesses and a stroke.

  • Brings down your Blood Pressure

Several examinations propose that the high magnesium content in dark dull chocolate can enable lower BP level. It is additionally said that eating dark chocolate raises the level of nitric oxide in your body. Nitric oxide is a normally happening substance in your body that follows up on little receptors in our veins and causes them expand in this manner bringing down blood pressure.

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11 amazing Benefits of Mango



benefits of mango

Mango is one of the tastiest fruit around the world. Along with its delicious flavor, it is also healthy and known as the king of fruits. A glance at the benefits of mango

  1. Reduces Risk of Cancer:

The supplements and cell reinforcements in mangoes make them a weapon against cancer, particularly breast and colon growths. Mangoes contain different cell reinforcements, for example, beta-carotene, which ensures the body against breast, colon, prostate, and leukemia tumors.This is one the top benefits of mango

  1. Helps to improve digestion:

Being an affluent source of nutritional fiber, mangoes advance digestive health. Just similar to papayas, they include enzymes that assist in breaking down protein, therefore facilitating digestion. The fiber in mangoes ensures bowel movement healthily and keeps the digestive zone hygienic. mangoes can heal acidity as it is alkaline in nature, They also include quite a few bio-active elements like Terpenes Esters and Aldehydes which can additionally treat an upset stomach.

  1. Enhances health of bone:

By giving more elevated amounts of vitamin C and expanding calcium retention, bones develop considerably more grounded with customary ingestion of mangoes. Vitamin C likewise advances the generation of osteoblasts, which are bone-building cells, and furthermore energizes the creation of collagen.

  1. Decreased Risk of Obesity and Diabetes:

Eating this natural fruit can enhance glucose, lipids, and insulin levels by bringing down glucose levels in diabetics and large grown-ups.

  1. Decreases Risk of Heart stroke:

High fiber and potassium in mango and low sodium levels help to build heart health and lower general death rate.This is one of the amazing benefits of mango

  1. A better solution for hair and eyes:

One measure of cut mango bears 25% of the day to day suggested a measure of Vitamin A, which keeps up solid vision, counteracts night visual deficiency and additionally keeps dry eyes saturated. Mangoes include vitamin E, which increases blood flow to the scalp and increases oxygen uptake of the hair follicles and promotes hair growth.

  1. Cure acne and pimples

Vitamin C and vitamin A in mangoes are solid cell reinforcements that assist in curing skin inflammation and pimples. Vitamin A is your skin’s closest companion and its insufficiency can prompt dull skin, open pores, emissions from the arms and elbows. Vitamin C is engaged in collagen arrangement and keeps your skin firm. In the event that you have skin break out inclined skin, you can set up a crude mango astringent by heating up some unpeeled crude mangoes in water. In the wake of cooling, apply this solution on your skin for alleviating impact. Drinking mango juice likewise keeps reduces skin irritation.

  1. Helps to enhance Complexion of skin

One of the best benefits of mango is it helps to whiten your skin naturally.Vitamin A and beta-carotene in mangoes revive your skin and provide you a glossy appearance. You can set up a face cleanser by blending mango mash, nectar and flour to make a thick paste. Apply this all over for around 15 minutes and wash off by rubbing delicately. Customary use of this face pack will scrub your face and additionally eliminate summer tanning.

  1. Improves Immunity

Mango isn’t just tasty yet, in addition, accommodating in ensuring against diseases. Because of the huge measure of carotenes, and vitamins A and C, eating mangoes can give an immense lift to the immunity framework and prevents you from falling sick.

  1. Reduces Cholesterol level:

Mangoes are stuffed with a lot of fiber, vitamin C, and pectin, which all help with diminishing your “terrible cholesterol”, or lower serum cholesterol levels (LDL).Reducing cholesterol level is the best benefits of mango for today’s generation.

  1. Helps to Alkalize the Body:

Mangoes have unusual amounts of potassium, which is a vital electrolyte that alkalizes the body and controls the withdrawal and development of muscles. The combination of malic acid, tartaric acid, and traces of citric acid in this fruit assists in preserve the alkalinity of the body

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6 Superfoods that can protect you from winter season



Winter is a season where you need superfoods for super protection from cold and flu. A diet rich in variety of products like proteins and grains are advisable during winter. Nice amount of sleep also promotes good health.

Following are some Superfoods that can help you keep yourself warm.

1. Carrots

Carrots make a whole lot of dishes including salads, desserts and main course. It is very rich in vitamin A. It refrains the body from catching cold and flu. It helps keep the body warm. It also provides a healthy vision and protection from infections.

2. Honey

It is the safest and easiest way to cure cold. It is known for its anti-bacterial properties. Have a teaspoon of honey before going to bed for extra care. It is not advisable for children below the age of 3.

3. Pomegranate

It is very rich in anti-oxidants. It keeps away the bad cholesterol from entering the body and promotes good cholesterol. It has contents to increase the blood count in the body. It helps increase the flow of blood to the heart. It also helps in supplying oxygen to the heart.

4. Green Leafy Vegetables

Greens are always rich in fibre content. It helps flush out toxic substance. It helps in building up strong metabolism. A good metabolism helps you go strong during winters. They are rich in vitamins A, C and K. These vitamins promote good health and provide nutrition.

5. Green Tea

Green Tea is very rich in anti-oxidants. It resists the infections from building in the body. It is advised to consume 3 glasses of green tea to flush out intoxicants from the body. It completely rejuvenates the body.

6. Whole Grains

You can make nice Oatmeal with whole grains. It makes a dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It also provides the body with good complex carbohydrates.

Winter is a season which makes us crave for food. It is very important to have the right diet to maintain the health well so that it doesn’t lead to any major diseases.

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5 Awesome things one should know about Green Leafy Vegetables



Green Leafy Vegetables can also be awesome. It might sound crazy for many. But it’s true. It serves enormous amount of health benefits. It is the most nutritious food in the world. The more the dark, the more is the nutrition in it. Some impressive facts are listed below to give you more reasons to like it.

Health Benefits of Green Leafy Vegetables

1. ) Vitamins and Minerals overload

Green Leafy Vegetables are loaded with vitamins A, C, and K. They also contain iron which is needed for haemoglobin. It also helps reduce blood pressure. It is high on calcium which increases bone density and gives stronger bones.

2. ) Hub of Natural chemicals

Green Leafy Vegetables contain chemicals that can prevent us from cancer. It also contains lutein which is good for eye health.

3. ) Good Source of Fibre

We must have heard this from childhood. Green Leafy Vegetables are high on fibre. It is an important carbohydrate. It is very essential for proper digestion and good bowel system.

4. ) Salt and Fat Free

It is a vegetable which is completely fat free. You can consume as much as you like and as much as you want. If you do not like the bitter taste of it, you can add your favourite veggies to it. It works well on blood pressure since low amount of salt.

5. ) Stay Young

The vitamin K in greens helps you stay young. Since it keeps the blood flow high, the impurities in the body gets washed away. It helps you lose weight and keep skin glowing leading to stay young for long.

Green Leafy Vegetables help lower the risk of diabetes. It is an awesome supplement to fight against obesity. It also helps reduce heart diseases. It fights against all the odds of cancer. With so many things positive, leafy vegetables should be considered essential part of any diet.

Green Leafy Vegetables List

Green Leafy Vegetables Healthy

Green Leafy Vegetables Recipe

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Top 6 dangerous and weirdest restaurants across the world



Get ready to have drooling eyes and accept some bizarre realities as we bring it for you the pool of top 6 dangerous and weirdest restaurants across the world! Thinking that it would take a big troll on your pocket? Do not worry;for you get to enjoy these thrilling dining experiences for enough money. These unique restaurants not only require you to buy/ pay for your food (which of course, if not, would end you up doing chores for the restaurant :P) but demands you to earn for it dictating you to conquer your fear of heights or claustrophobia.

Much boring knowledge shared? Let’s go to these restaurants, oops, I mean through the article. 😀

  1. Brussels- Based Dinner in the Sky 

Brussels- Based Dinner in the Sky

Brussels- Based Dinner in the Sky

Ever dreamt of eating your food on the flying Aladdin magic carpet? Yes, you are getting it right. This restaurant gives you a flying munching food experience! Dinner in the sky (Belgium) is an aerial 22 seats dinner table raised 180 feet into the air (with 200 ton crane) offering the diners 360-degree floating view of the world around them. You can book the entire seats for a party for an hour and the package will delight you with the photographer to document your exciting experience.

Dinner in the sky (Belgium)

Most important thing, there’s no bathroom up there. So be thoughtful enough to go beforehand and not ruin the fun for people around you by making them lower the table down.


  1. The Huashan Teahouse in China

People enjoy tea and taking a trek. But are you onefrom the heroiccategory to climb up all the way to Mt. Huashan, Huayin (China) for a cup of tea?



Initially a Taoist temple, the way to reach up this mountain based restaurant is really long and exhausting. First, the visitors are taken by tram to the track –

the huashan tea house in china

the huashan tea house in china

So here is your tea! Not so easily. The wholeterror begins now..A tiptoe walk on the haphazardly nailed wooden planks holding the measly chain taking care of your life, and yes, don’t expect to be harnessed! 😀

the huashan tea house in china

the huashan tea house in china

But the creator of this teahouse was kind enough to dig holes for climbers. That could help you save yourself from death.

the huashan tea house in china

the huashan tea house in china

Thinking to get your hands on tea?Relax because now you have to climb up the world’s steepest staircase. Ohh, hunting for some protection, the tiny looking things besides staircase are the fences which could give you a bit sigh of relief.

the huashan tea house in china

the huashan tea house in china

Finally, you have EARNED your tea! We hope it’s a damn good one.

  1. Dining in the Dark,Unsicht-Bar in Germany

Dining in the Dark,Unsicht-Bar in Germany

Dining in the Dark,Unsicht-Bar in Germany

Give a break to your eyes and put your faith on other senses to enjoy your food. Choose your menu in a fine-lit lobby in this Bar and get ready to be blind as the waiter takes you in the pitch black dining room. Obviously, you can’t see anything but don’t worry your food will be pre-chopped and pitch-black friendly arranged clockwise for you to know where each item is placed. Did I also tell you that the waiters here are visually handicapped and blind?

  1. Yellow Treehouse Restaurant in New Zealand

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant in New Zealand

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant in New Zealand

Up in the air around a tree in the middle of the forest, this pod structured restaurant in New Zealand is surely a dream destination for treehouse lovers. Though there is an ascending pathway making your way to this ten meters restaurant suspended from the ground, the rings around the giant tree holds the restaurant and guests floating in the air and dropping to the ground. Definitely not meant for the weakhearted people.

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant in New Zealand

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant in New Zealand

  1. Alcatraz ER in Tokyo

How crazy combination it would be where a restaurant is pooled with the concepts of prison and hospital? Usually grumpy nurses and crappy food, right? But this is surely not the scenario in the Tokyo’s Alcatraz ER – prison and hospital based restaurant.



If you don’t know or are confused of your blood type then bemindfulbefore going to this restaurant, as to enter this place you will have to start by informing the nurses your blood type.Sounds weird? 😛



Elevatingthe level of this weirdness, a nurse then slaps handcuffs on you, gives you a shot in the rear [ ofcourse pretends 😉 ] and leads you to your table. By the way, a jail cell is your dinner table here.

jail cell is your dinner table

This bizarreness doesn’t ends here. It indeed starts with the menu. If you ever fancied eating food shaped like a detached penis, (you heard it right) or try cocktails with false teeth in them, then hey you have landed at the perfect place! 😀

photo 4

  1. Finland’s Lainio Snow Village Ice Restaurant



Icilyoscillating amid 23 & 28 degreeFahrenheit all the time, the Laino Snow Village Ice restaurantin Finland is sure to leave you imagining about hot tubs and saunas in no time.


The whole restaurant is made of ice or snow with frozen chairs, tables and walls. Don’t forget to be dressed in anything less than a snow suit.


With the menu, the restaurant also keeps changing with the time. This is because this restaurant is constructedfrom the milled up ice and fresh snow each winter and melts into vacuity in each spring when weather warms up in Finland. Practically, the restaurant serves cold meal as it is difficult to keep food warm at this site.

So which ones would you love to visit? 🙂

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