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Ten Health Benefits of Sex

10 Health Benefits of Sex: In our society sex is considered as an activity that gives pleasure to our mind. But did you know with giving mental relaxation this natural activity improves our health in various ways? Having regular sex gives parallel benefits as exercise. Hope you know which one is the better way for reaching to that goal. But remember we are discussing the practice of ‘Safe Sex’ as a surefire strategy to achieve better & healthier life.

Here we are providing you 10 beneficial points of safe sex:

  1. Improved Immune System: One involving in frequent sex (minimum two or one times a week) has noticeably higher levels of IgA (Immunoglobulin A, works as the first defense line of our body). IgA helps fight against harmful viruses, germs & other intruders. According to the research of Wilkes University, Volunteers who had sex more than once a week had a higher amount of certain antibody compared to those volunteers who hadn’t.
  2. Lowers Blood Pressure: I think you can feel it right after the orgasm. Intercourse helps to lower the blood pressure and decreases stress. Studies found it mainly reduces systolic blood pressure.
  3. Keeps Heart Healthy: It is scientifically proved that if you involve in pleasurable sex at least once or twice a week, chances of developing heart disease decreases up to 45 percent compared to those having sex once or less a month.

Love making regularly also helps to balance the estrogen & testosterone levels, which is very important to achieve a healthy heart.

  1. Reduce The Risk of Prostate Cancer: According to a research, a man who ejaculate 20 to 22 times a month (Sex or masturbation) has lower chance of prostate cancer. The research is still in process as they are trying to figure out if there are some additional factors involved in it.
  2. Stress Relief: Sex helps relieve stress. A satisfying sex releases a particular kind of chemical in our body that helps reducing stress & boosts pleasure. The more often you involve in enjoyable sex the better stress less life you may live.
  3. Pain Relief: Sexual action releases hormones that help reducing pain (like block back & leg pain). Even arthritis, headaches & menstrual cramps also reduce. Studies even showed frequent sexual activity can partially or even completely vanish a migraine & cluster-headache.
  4. Sleep Improvement: After sex, our body releases prolactin, a relaxation-inducing hormone. ‘Oxytocin’, known as the love hormone, released during orgasm also helps to get better sleep.
  5. Boosts Libido: Having regular sex will improve your libido. In the case of women, sex ups vaginal lubrication, elasticity & blood flow and all of them take sex to another level, a more satisfying level.
  6. Another form of Exercise: Just like exercise sex is also a physical action that boosts our heart rate, burns calories (4 calories/minute for men and 3 cal/minute for women) & strengthens muscles. Sex also improves our body’s flexibility & balance.
  7. Improved bladder control: Intercourse makes the pelvic floor muscles stronger, which contracts during an orgasm. This improves a woman’s bladder control & avoid incontinence. Practicing Kegel exercise will help to boost the benefits double.
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