Essential foods to beat the summer heat

India is a country which is rich in diversity. People living in our country speak different languages, wear different clothes have different festivals. Our country also has diverse geography. When the Northern region experiences extreme winters, the south, on the other hand, has pleasant winters. But summers in India are the worst, as there is no part of the country that can escape the summer heat. 

 It is the month of April and the temperatures have already begun to rise. With May and June yet to come, the condition will get worse. So, in order to escape the summer heat, people take preventive measures like using Air Conditioners, coolers, covering oneself with a cloth to protect the skin from Sun’s harmful UV Rays, etc. We do everything possible in our hand to protect our outer body. But what about the inner body 

The summers are famous for loo. Now you must be wondering what loo is? These are winds from the west that are hot, dry, strong and dusty, flow over North India. The next thing that comes to our mind is how is loo harmful? Well, a loo can cause fatal heat strokes and severe dehydration due to its high temperature. Obviously, we need to have certain foods or essential foods that increase our fluid intake and prevent us from dehydration. So, following are the foods that enhance our taste buds and protect us as well. 


The king of fruits is everyone’s all-time favorite. The fruit is rich in Vitamins like A, C, D, iron, potassium and calcium. It is known to reduce the blood pressure and cholesterol levels in our body. The fruit is found in abundance in our country. So, whenever you feel the urge to eat something hydrating and tasty then just simply grab a mango.



This fruit is hardly disliked by anyone. Oranges are rich in potassium and therefore help you to survive the sweatiest summer days. The 80% water content in the fruit makes it a must have for the summers.  


The name says it all. The fruit is primarily composed of water and on an added bonus, its intake reduces food cravings. Presence of lycopene in the fruit protects the skin from sun damage. 


Cucumber also has high water content and serves the purpose of reducing our thirst. When soaked in water it also proves to be a great detox drink. 


Well who doesn’t like tomatoes. They are loved by all. Since it is 93% water composed, it becomes an important content for your salads.  

Musk Melon 

Rich in potassium, this fruit is a must have for deadly Indian summers. Potassium helps in regulating the blood pressure and thereby the fruit must be included in one’s diet. 


Very few of us like green vegetables. But mind you they are very important and our regular consumption of these makes us healthy. Rich in antioxidants, lettuce, when eaten raw, is the most beneficial for us. 


Surprisingly it contains 92% water by weight and makes it the best vegetable for the Indian summers. It is rich in Vitamin C and K and reduces the cholesterol level. 

It is important to take care of our outer body but the inner body shouldn’t be ignored either. So, pay attention to your body this summer and grab any of the above-mentioned food items to ease out the summer heat.

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