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How to Download WhatsApp? 

How to Download WhatsApp? WhatsApp, owned by Facebook is one of the relevant and best social media platforms that connect with one another. WhatsApp was started way back in 2009 and till date, it has reached over 1.5 billion monthly active users. As of 2019, the chat app has an estimated 68 million users in the United States. WhatsApp helps to connect with one another in the easiest way. You can create groups, chat privately, update status, profile photos and many more.

Minimum requirements to download WhatsApp:

  • Android OS 4.0.3 or above. 
  • Unlimited data plans recommended. 
  • Tablet devices are not supported. 

These major requirements are fulfilled by each and every device right now. Almost every person is connected to this app. But if someone is not connected, then we bring to you the procedure of downloading WhatsApp:

Download by Google Play Store

Google Play Store is the best application to download any apps. WhatsApp is also available on play store. Just follow the below procedure to download it:

  • Go to Google Play store. 
  • Search WhatsApp. 
  • Click on the WhatsApp logo and download it. 
  • Once it gets downloaded, follow the steps to start it and enjoy connecting with your family and friends. 

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Download Whatsapp on iPhone

Downloading WhatsApp on iPhone is also a simple procedure to follow:

  • Open the app store>>type WhatsApp in the search option >>the full title of the app is ‘WhatsApp Messenger’>>Hit’ Get’ and the downloading will start. 

Download WhatsApp on Windows

WhatsApp can be downloaded on Windows as well. Just need to follow the simple procedure :

  • Visit this link and hit the download for Windows. 
  • Once it’s downloaded, open WhatsApp.exe file to install it and follow the instructions. This will link your WhatsApp phone to PC. 
  • Don’t turn off your phone, otherwise, you won’t be able to access Windows WhatsApp. It would require Windows 8.1 or above. 

How to Use WhatsApp on Chrome? 

WhatsApp can be used without downloading. You just need to follow some simple steps:

  • Go to and run it on your browser. 
  • After the page gets open you just need to scan your QR code by opening WhatsApp on phone and heading to settings, then WhatsApp Web to access the code reader. 
  • WhatsApp is ready to go on your browser. 

How to Download WhatsApp Business App? 

Nowadays WhatsApp is used for the business purpose also. WhatsApp Business app is also available on play store. Let’s know the procedure to download WhatsApp Business app:

  • Visit Google play store and download the WhatsApp business App. 
  • Verify your business phone number. 
  • Next, you can restore your account from Backup. 
  • Set up your business name. 
  • After entering the business name, make your profile. 
  • To make a profile, open WhatsApp. 
  • From the homepage, tap on More options. 
  • Go to settings, set your business name. 


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