PUBG Mobile Hacks for several features and Cheat Scripts

Get a higher stand on leaderboard with these hacks

The craze of PUBG among youngsters and kids is beyond a parameter. PUBG Mobile is one of the most played games in the world with more than 80 million daily logins. With gameplay, comes cheats and hacks. Here you will find some of the best hacks to enhance your gaming performance. So, are you ready to know a few cheats to your “WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER”? At the same time, I would like to mention that these cheats won’t help you in polishing your skills. Knowledge about cheats and hacks is good, but using them isn’t a good choice in terms of ethics. Now, let us first take a look at the gameplay then, we will move to hacks.

Gameplay PUBG Mobile

Gameplay: PUBG Mobile

The game can be played in either single-player and multi-player modes. Once started, a player is dropped off from an aircraft with a parachute. When they land the players collect ammunition from their surroundings and the battle begins. The players fight each other, and the last one to survive wins the game. Sounds easy, right? But, players know that winning the chicken dinner isn’t that easy. If it was easy, then why would you guys be looking for hacks, huh?


Hacks 1: Wallhack: PUBG Mobile

Wallhack allows you to see through the walls. You can notice your enemies, loots, crate, supplies, and cars when you use this. But beware as you might get reported if other players notice your moves. Besides, PUBG Mobile can also ban your account permanently.

Hack 2: Aimbot: PUBG Mobile

There are a lot of aimbots for the app but they require great skills. This hack automatically sets the aim and helps you to shoot the enemy. Using this hack can be a little riskier than wallhack as if reported, the account gets banned from the server’s side.

Hack 3: High Jump: PUBG Mobile

If you ever played GTA Vice City, then you know what this cheat does. It helps the players to jump very high than the normal. You can use it when you need to jump high, as falling from a great height decreases your Health.

Hack 4: Color Hack: PUBG Mobile

It is the most noticeable hack in PUBG. These hacks enable the players to change the color of the skin into yellow, orange, pink, green, or else. But if someone else reports it, or if the server detects a change in their data, you will get banned for sure.

Hack 5: No Recoil: PUBG Mobile

Players might have noticed that their fired shot gets tilted and hits other spots than aimed. This is due to the recoil. The players often tilt their guns down slowly to hit the right spot. No recoil aids you to shoot the exact aim without any recoil.

Color Hack

Cheat Scripts: PUBG Mobile

I will strongly recommend you guys not to use cheats to be safe from the ban. Or use a guest account for hacks and cheats, that will keep your main account safe. Here is a cheat script collection for PUBG Mobile Hacks.

Strange VPN: Download

Game Guardian: Download

Host File: Download

Dual Space: Download

Cheat Script: Download

PUBG Mobile does have a craze among players, but a maze game is also gaining popularity these days. Isn’t as easy as it seems. Take a look at its hacks and gameplay.

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