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How did Mystic Falls welcome these 8 The Vampire Diaries characters?

Whom did you like the best?

How are our The Vampire Diaries fans doing? I am sure that you all are always up to read about your favorite characters, so I have got some goodies here. Mystic Falls was of course filled with mystical creatures and their unpredictable happenings. How do you welcome your guests? Or, I should rephrase, how would you treat some unwanted guests? And, how do you treat your neighbors? Mystic Falls sure has an experience with it, let us learn from there.


Elena Gilbert: 

Elena had always been the center of anxious eyes. Everyone around her was very protective of her, even the townspeople kept checking on how she was doing. Well, they had quite good reasons for that. Didn’t they? She lost her family, always being a target just because she looked like someone else, a vampire lover, and whatnot. In a nutshell, she was someone about whom the town was very caring.


Matt Donovan: 

In the chaos, the only human by the end of the series was Matt. His unwavering loyalty to his loved ones is what shows us why he was adored so much. He did lose many things and had several heartbreaks, but he never stepped out of the line. This might be the reason why people loved him and made him the sheriff to Mystic Falls.


Stefan Salvatore:

Stefan can be said the opposite of his brother Damon, whom the city didn’t like much. His way of suppressing the obvious pangs of hunger is quite impressive, making people believe that he would not misuse his abilities. We can not be sure about how the civilians saw him as he interacted mostly with those who knew a bit about him.


Caroline Forbes: 

One of the most adored characters in Mystic Falls was Caroline, her stand wasn’t moved even after she turned into a vampire. But as the series depicted, the Council members of the city, including the Mayor, aka, Tyler’s mom was set to kill her. This shows that Caroline wasn’t as much liked as we thought by Mystic Falls.


Elijah Mikaelson: 

He can be said as a victim of his origins. As the eldest Original he had an image to show himself, but he never disturbed or harmed the innocent townspeople. He saved numerous lives including Elena’s. But the society is not so easy, his origin hinders his social acceptance.


Damon Salvatore: 

Speaking of Damon, he deserved a little more acceptance from the townspeople of Mystic Falls. It is agreed that he was very unruly and literally didn’t care about the disclosure of his identity, but he made some progress later on. He became more sensitive to the people around him, and some reciprocated him too by trusting him. It is undeniable that he did some things that were underrated as he deserves some more respect.


Rebekah Mikaelson: 

Among all The Originals, Rebekah detested the population of Mystic Falls the most, which explains that she didn’t want to linger in the place for long. Later when she forms allies with Matt, she stays. Even though she later discovers the importance of her family when she reunites with her siblings, her character wasn’t much likable in terms of social status.


Niklaus Mikaelson:

Niklaus Mikaelson, aka, Klaus is someone, whom no one wanted to be where he was. To be precise, Mystic Falls didn’t like the presence of the vampire in its boundaries.  Even his own family, The Originals didn’t like him much either. They are not to be blamed for their behavior as Klaus has done some really serious stuff. His character is also designed to be that way. 

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