The Misadventures of Hedi and Cokeman: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Trailer

Will Hedi and Cokeman's dreams come true?

Everything in this world can be seen from different perspectives. What comes to our mind when we think of drug dealers? A rough and tough personality, right? But is it always like that or things can be different? The Misadventures of Hedi and Cokeman tells us a story that we can never imagine to portrayed from a comical point of view. I will give you the details in the plot section. The film’s story writing and direction come from Julien Hollande. Julien got a hand from Nassim Lyes in the scriptwriting, and the latter also stars in the film. The film features the French language. I know that you guys want to know everything about it, so I will start.

The Misadventures of Hedi and Cokeman Release

Release Date: The Misadventures of Hedi and Cokeman

The film is in French as original and its name is En Passant Pécho: Les Carottes Sont Cuites. The official announcement of the film was made on 14 November 2019 by Netflix. The Misadventures of Hedi and Cokeman will release on 10 February 2021 on Netflix. The estimated running time of the movie is 1 hour and 39 minutes. Just one day to go for The Misadventures of Hedi and Cokeman.

The Misadventures Of Hedi And Cokeman Plot

Cast: The Misadventures of Hedi and Cokeman

The film contains an all-French speaking cast. The character named Cokeman will be played by Nassim Lyes. At the same time, Hedi Bouchenafa plays the character of Hedi. Another character named Voisine de derrière gets played by Juli Maes. Some other prominent French artists seen in the film are Fred Testot, Aymen Rahoui, and Julie Ferrier.

The Misadventures of Hedi and Cokeman

Plot: The Misadventures of Hedi and Cokeman

Julien Royal’s web series is what The Misadventures of Hedi and Cokeman based on. The story is set in the city of Paris, France. We follow the comical journey of two drug dealers, Hedi and Cokeman. Our leads are new and non-influential in this line but they find a way to make a name for themselves. Hedi and Cokeman find that their family ties can benefit both of them. So, the duo tries to boost their small business by giving things a shot. Will their trick and efforts work? And what family ties are we referring to here? Get answers to such questions this Wednesday.

The plot will feature some gross comedy too. Netflix sure brings up unique stuff, doesn’t it? Drug dealers aren’t that funny in real life, are they? Hache Season 2 will let you explore the second side of the coin of drug dealing. A story filled with rage, revenge, and viscous plotting is waiting for you to get discovered only on Netflix. But make sure you watch the first season to get the story. And let us have some words on your likes of the movie in the comments.

Trailer: Okay… so all of them are goofy, really goofy.


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