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Star Beam Season 3: Release Date, Characters, Plot, Storyline, and Trailer

While we find most of the content on Netflix for those who are eighteen or above. This is not the case. The streamer keeps updating the children’s content as well. Jason Netter and Loris Lunsford created a pre-school animated sitcom, Star Beam for Netflix streaming service. There have been two seasons of the Canadian sitcom since last year. 


Release Date: Star Beam Season 3

Star Beam progressed rather rapidly with new seasons. The first season aired in April 2020 followed by the sequel in September 2020. There was also a special episode that aired in October 2020.

The third season of Star Beam is scheduled to release on 9 March 2021. Like its predecessors, the third season will probably have eight episodes. 

Characters: Star Beam Season 3

The animation features several superhero characters and several normal ones. Here is the list of them.

  • The main protagonist of the series is Star Beam, aka, Zoey. She has natural superpowers of super strength and speed. She can use her powers in form of bubbles.
  • The second lead of the series is Boost, aka, Henry Blumenshine. As the son of the Mayor of the city, he is gifted in science and technologies.
  • The third important character of the sitcom is Kipper, a seagull. Kipper likes to eat till bloated and accompanies Star Beam.
  • The fourth important character is Zoey’s grandfather, aka, Gramps. He is Zoey’s maternal grandfather and controls every mission of Star Beam.
  • The next character is Wonder Beam, aka, Zoey’s mom. She is a very caring lady and understands her responsibilities as a superheroine.

Plot: Star Beam Season 3

The upcoming season will be the same as the previous two seasons in terms of plot. Star Beam will be saving the day from all the dangers. Along with her friends and aids, she will be fighting the enemies out there.

Storyline: Star Beam Season 3

All the episodes of Star Beam till now featured different stories with different life lessons. Star Beam always worked with Booster and Kipper in her missions. Several times when things took an ugly turn, the superheroes were aided by either Gramps or Wonder Beam.

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Trailer: Star Beam Season 3


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