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Everything You Need To Know About Netflix’s Shadow And Bone

Based on a best-selling novel by Leigh Bardugo.

 For the past few weeks, we saw Netflix coming up with docu-series, thriller, and real event-based series. Now, it is time for a fantasy to make an appearance on the streaming platform. Eric Heisserer created Shadow And Bone based on Leigh Bardugo’s novels Six of Crows and Shadow And Bone. The show stars Jessie Mei Li and Ben Barnes.

Release Date: Shadow And Bone

Netflix ordered Shadow And Bone in January 2019. The fantasy series is slated to premiere on the streamer on 23 April 2021. Shadow And Bone will consist of eight episodes, all of them coming out on the same day. 

Cast: Shadow And Bone

  • The character of an orphan mapmaker who can summon the sun is played by Lessie Mie Li, aka, Alina Starkov.
  • The character of an amplifier who can summon shadows is played by Ben Barnes. Heis character is named The Darkling: General of The Grisha Army, aka, General Kirigan.
  • The character of Kaz Brecker: Leader of the Dregs, aka, Dirtyhands is played by Freddy Carter.
  • The character of Inej Ghafa: Member of the Dregs, aka, Wraith is played by Amita Suman.
  • The character of a skilled sharpshooter is played by Kit Young, aka, Jesper Fahey: Member of the Dregs.
  • The character of an orphan who is Alina’s childhood best friend and is considered as Ravka’s Army’s best tracker is played by Archie Renaux. Her character is named Maylen Orteves, aka, Mal.
  • The character of a person possessing a gift for tailoring skills is played by Daisy Head. The name of her character is Genya Safin.
  • The character of Nina Zenik: Grisha is played by Danielle Galligan.

Plot: Shadow And Bone

Shadows And Bone can make your heart race with its tempting plotline. We follow an orphaned girl serving as a lowly soldier in an army, Alina. Alina discovers a power within her that can be the key to a better future for her and her country. She later joins the army of creatures with such superpowers called Grisha. While she is struggling to master her command of the superpower she feels that something is still missing. What can it be? Will Alina be able to bring her country peace?

While we see a post-war zone in Shadow And Bone, one more series is coming to my mind. Have you guys heard about HBO Max’s Godfather of Harlem? The second season of Godfather of Harlem is going to stream HBO Max soon. Take a look at the composition and you will know why it reminds me of Shadow And Bone.

Trailer: Shadow And Bone

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