All About Netflix’s Upcoming Series: Sexify

Here is a comical drama straight from Netflix’s baggage. Sexify got its direction from Piotr Domalewski and Kalina Alabrudzinska. The story will feature a bunch of teenagers doing something technologically great but with zero practical experience. Here is all we know about this upcoming brand new drama. 

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Release Date: Sexify

The upcoming season is set to release on 29 April 2021, aka, Wednesday. The trailer is now available for the viewers. Why not take a look at it and decide if you want to give this show are chance or not.

Cast: Sexify

The cast of Sexify includes Olivia Castanho, Jacek Grygorowicz, Daniel Hall, Sandra Drzymalska, and Malgorzata Foremniak. Besides them, Bartosz Gelner, Piotr Pacek, Cezary Pazura, and Aleksandra Skraba will be there in the cast. 

Sexify features a few more artists namely, Maria Sobocinska, Wojciech Solarz, Sebastian Stankiewicz, and Ewa Szykulska. Jan Wieteska and Zbigniew Zamachowski will also play a part in the movie.

Plot: Sexify

In this series, we will follow a bunch of students who are looking forward to a tech competition. And by looking forward to it, I mean, they are doing their best to win it. For their entry, these students are planning to make an innovative sex application, but there is a problem. None of them has a sexual experience. Now, how will they do the undertaken task? Let us follow them in their pursuit of intimacy.

While you plan to watch this comedy, Netflix has a thriller docu-series waiting for you. Shadow And Bone are now streaming on Netflix and waiting for you. Stay tuned to Headlines of Today for more such updates.

Trailer: Sexify

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