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President Trump proposes delusion as he fails to control pandemic situation

Thousands of Americans are dying daily and several more are getting infected because of the coronavirus. States and cities are being forced to shut down its operations again. Doctors and nurses are short of safety gears as they battle the deadly pathogen. And tests suggest overwhelming numbers of infections, one top official has notified that this is the most difficult time ever for US public health this winter.

Trump has been bringing up and taking care of all the wrong notes on Tuesday, as the US set yet another single day record for new corona virus infections with 67,417. Florida has become one of the highly infected places in the world, recorded its highest-ever Covid-19 death toll. Texas also broke its record for new daily cases. Another 900 deaths were reported on Tuesday according to a Johns Hopkins University tally, but the President offered denial and delusion at a White House appearance.

What is needed from Trump and his administration is a plan to tackle the most relentless national challenge since World War II, consoling words to memorialize the 136,000 Americans who are already dead and the thousands destined to follow, and the rhetoric to summon the will to triumph over this invisible enemy.

All Trump had to offer on Tuesday was self-pity, incoherence and indifference. He came across as an inconsiderate leader as he is seemed least bothered about the sufferings and health of his people and their fear. He is also not preparing to tackle the uncertainty about what the coming months will bring.

President Trump has evidently been failing to beat back the virus and has  stopped trying to lead the country out of the darkness. He considers his decision of limiting travel from China as a very important one however, that has no relevance to the current moment situation. After this, he complains of not getting enough credit for his work.

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