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U.S. Let Cuban Prisoner Give Sperm to Wife

Cuban five leader’s wife pregnant

Celebrations filled the streets of Cuba as three Cuban intelligence agents were freed by US authorities. But what reallymade news was the tummy of Adriana Perez, wife of Gerard Hernandez who was one of the freed prisoners.

The question is simple how did Hernandez manage to impregnate his wife from a maximum security prison that too being more than 2000 miles away?.

US Senator Patrick Leahy claimed that they had helped the couple achieve this by transferring Hernandez’s sperm all the way to Cuba, where Adriana was artificially inseminated.

U.S. Let Cuban Prisoner Give Sperm to Wife
U.S. Let Cuban Prisoner Give Sperm to Wife

This move by US officials was made in a bid to better the living condition of Alan Gross an American intelligence agent who was serving a 15 year sentence. Alan Gross was later freed by Cuban authorities after the three Cuban five members were released.

After 50 years of hostility these two nations are looking forward to make peace not war.

The couple are said to be expecting their baby in 15 days and have confirmed that it is a girl.


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