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Turkish private Jet flying from UAE to Turkey crashed, 11 killed

Yesterday, a private Jet flying from the United Arab Emirates to Istanbul crashed owing to the heavy rain. The Turkish jet was flying with a group of young women. As per the authorities the total of 11 people killed in the crash that took place in the mountainous region of Iran.

As per the wordings of the General Civil Aviation Authority in UAE, the flight took off from Sharjah International Airport and was on its way towards Istanbul. According to today’s report official recovered ten bodies in the Zagros Mountains in the exteriors of the Shahr e Kord. It is nearly about 370 km south of Tehran.

It was not clear yet that what the exact reason which caused this crash was. With the help of investigators the black box of aircraft was found and tried out by investigators to piece together that what was the primary cause.

Authorities of Sharjah Civil aviation alleged that the plane comprises six Turks as well as two Spaniards. Remaining three was the flight crew. The plane of identified as a Bombardier CL604

by Turkey’s private Dogan news agency. The transport ministry of Turkey supposed that the plane belongs to Basaran Holding. The flight carried daughter of the chairman of Basaran investment Holding along with her friends who had celebrated her bachelorette party in Dubai.

The FlightRadar24, a flight tracking website noted that the private jet took off at 4:41 on Sunday. It reached a cruise altitude of about 35000 feet. It was about 6:01 pm it seems to be something wrong with the flight. And it fastly gained altitude and after that instantly dropped drastically within a few minutes.

Basaran earlier posted some images on social media of the bachelorette party which includes eight young women. Amid those images which were posted she posted pics on tarmac carrying flowers by wearing a denim jacket.

In February there was a crash in Southern Iran, of an Iranian ATR-72, a twin-engine turboprop, employed for short distance regional flying. This crashed killed about 65 passengers who are on the board.

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