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Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen confirmed he personally paid porn actress Stormy Daniels

Yesterday President Trump lawyer Michael Cohen supposed that he personally paid 130,000 dollars to Stormy Daniels.  She is a porn star who had a sexual encounter with Trump prior to office time.

Michael Cohen told media in a statement that ‘in 2016, I used my personal funds to make a payment of about 130,000 dollars to Pornstar Stephanie Clifford also known as Stormy Daniels. None of Trump organization and Trump campaign was a party to the transaction with her. Also, neither repaid me for the payment moreover directly or indirectly.’

As per the statement of Michael Cohen just prior to 2016 elections he created a private LLC to pay her. He also supposed that ‘the payment which was made was lawful. It was not a campaign expenditure or else campaign contribution by anybody.’

In January also Wall Street Journal reported that Michael Cohen arranged payment for Ms Daniel to keep her quiet regarding the previous affair with President Trump.  Together Stormy Daniels and Trump deprived of an affair occurred. In addition to it, Stormy Daniels also denied a payoff took place.

Afterwards Journal as per reports by Journal Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer had set up a private company purposely to pay the porn star. And it would be done by using code names to cover the identities of both people who were concerned. However, Michael Cohen did not respond or reacted directly to that report.

On Thursday Michael Cohen alleged that he informed FEC, i.e. Federal Election Commission that he himself made the payment. He informed this matter following the watchdog group Common Cause filed a complaint regarding the money paid. They alleged that the payment would be considered as an in-kind donation to Trump campaign.

Common cause also supposed in the complaint they made that they did not know the source of money which was given. But in spite of finding out, they argued that it could be counted as a campaign contribution. Seeing that it would intend to affect the conclusion of the election.

As per the wordings of Michael Cohen, ‘the complaint says that I in some way desecrated campaign finance laws by facilitating a surplus, in-kind contribution. The claims in the complaint are factually unconfirmed and lacking legal merit. My counsel has also submitted a reply to the FEC regarding that.’

Michael Cohen was among the fiercest defenders of Trump throughout the Trump organization. On the other hand, Stormy Daniels told her story in 2011 to magazine along with a gossip website. Following the reports of 2016 payment, both reports were published last month. In 216 she once again had the discussions regarding the payment from Mr Michael Cohen. It was said that the payment came just after the release of Access Hollywood Tape that demonstrates Trump boasting about griping women’s genitals without any permission.

Stormy Daniels had never denied publically once about her affair with Trump. The time in January when Michael Cohen opened her name, she refused to reply to it. She is one of the two women who claim an affair with President Trump. Another woman is Karen McDougal who was a former Playboy model.

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