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Temporary ceasefire in Syria, Diplomats working to end civil war

The United States and Russia, two major stake holders in the Syrian civil war have been reached at an agreement after agreeing for few compromised. The United States urged Russia to implement immediate ceasefire from March 1.

The accelerate and expand strategy will be used in order to provide medicine and food supply to the Syrian civilians trapped in war zone. The international Syria Support Group facilitated this deal which had many foreign ministers. The group failed to reach on an agreement about the peace initiatives.

John Kerry, U.S. Secretary of State spoke on behalf of the group to the media. He said that these results are significant in order to make way for future peace talks in the region. Whole world is watching Syria now which has been destroyed by war since years now. Kerry also said that the commitments for temporary peace remain on paper only. It all depends upon how all parties honor the agreement and implement it. The meeting was held at Munich hotel which lasted for six hours.

The meeting in Geneva also discussed the flow of humanitarian aid. Millions of Syrians are starving, malnourished and sick due to prolonged conflict. Permanent ceasefire is only way to improve the standard of living for people there.

Russia and the United States will be chairing the group on humanitarian aid in the region. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov also informed that the task force will assigned to handle various issues during temporary truce. The temporary ceasefire in Syria can be the beginning of the end of civil war.

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