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Tanzania’s massacre on albino people

Tanzania’s massacre on albino people 

In the village of Ukerewe Island, Tanzania, superstitious belief and the prejudices on being someone with albinism is common. This village has more number of people with albinism as compared to the other parts of Tanzania, which is not a good news for the resident and especially for the ones with albinism

It is believed that the body part of someone with albinism is said to bring wealth. This belief is like a nightmare for the albino people of Tanzania.

Keeping aside the fact that they look different than their folks and at the same time their absence of pigmentation in the skin which leads them to more chances of becoming visually impaired and susceptible to skin cancer, but these biological problems are over shadowed by their probability to die the next day, or to live in fear.

Tanzania’s massacre on albino people

With more and more albino communities rising up to campaign against such atrocities faced by them. The government of Tanzania is pressured to take action. There have been a total of 62 registered deaths of people with albinism till date. The government in its move sentenced 5 people to death. With more people coming out in support of people with albinism it seems there is hope for their brighter future.


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