Stormy Daniels has spoken publicly regarding alleged affair with Trump CBS’s 60 Minutes interview

Stormy Daniels, an adult film actress, opens up on the matter of her alleged affair with Donald Trump. She appeared on CBS’s 60 minutes and was interviewed by Anderson Cooper.

Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford claimed in an interview which was in an actual recorded earlier this month. It was broadcasted; however, the lawyers of Donald Trump sought after to stop from being in public. In that appearance of Ms. Daniels in CBS’s 60 minutes, she claimed that she was threatened with physical violence, the time she at first wanted to go to the public regarding this issue.

Stormy Daniels clarifies that she was threatened in 2011

She supposed in ’60 minutes’ interview that in 2011 she was ready to sell her story of the affair with Trump for 15000 dollars to a magazine. That agreement was backed by the magazine after Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer threatened them to sue the two former employees of the magazine.

She alleged that ‘a guy walked towards her in a parking lot and said leave Trump alone and forget the story. He also threatened her by saying that that’s a beautiful little daughter you have. It would be a shame if something or other will happen to her mother.’ When it is asked about that did she receive any direct threat, Daniels replied ‘absolutely yes.’

The adult film actress Stormy Daniels alleged that parking lot incident rattled her. She added that ‘ I remember I was going to my fitness class and my hands were shaking. I was very much afraid that I was gonna drop my daughter.’ She supposed that after that she never saw that man who came to threaten her and also never called the police to report this threat as she was scared. She also claims that but years later at the time of Trump’s presidential campaign, a lawyer came to her with an offer and she accepted that as she was very much concerned about her family and their safety.

She asserts that in 2011 the encounter took place in a parking lot in Las Vegas. It was the time when she had arranged for the story concerning an alleged sexual dalliance with Donald Trump. She supposed that she was stopped in the way when she was on her way towards her fitness class along with her infant daughter.

What happened after ‘60 minutes’ aired the interview?

Soon after 60 minutes aired an interview of Stormy Daniels, Brent H. Blakely, a lawyer for Mr. Cohen, sent a letter to Michael Avenatti, new lawyer of Ms. Daniels. The letter blamed him and Stormy Daniels for insulting Mr.Cohen regarding the threat she received .on the other hand also demands the apology.

In that letter, Brent H. Blakely wrote that ‘Mr. Cohen was not in connection with any such person or incident and also did not believe that any such kind of person does exist, or any such incident ever took place.’ He also added that ‘false statements by you and your clients concerning Mr.Cohen blame him for criminal conduct as well as constitute, amid other things, and also intentional infliction of emotional distress.’

Regarding this interview the White House was quiet. However Christopher Ruddy, an alley of Trump’s Newsmax founder alleged yesterday that Donald Trump considers this story as a ‘political hoax.’



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