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SpaceX Falcon Heavy- World’s most capable launched vehicle

On Tuesday, a big new American rocket arched into space by SpaceX. It was from the same pad from where NASA launched rockets which carried astronauts to the moon. However this time NASA was not concerned in this launch. As the Rocket ‘the Falcon Heavy’ is build by Space X. Space X, is a company founded as well as run by Elon Musk, a well-known billionaire entrepreneur.

The launch of Falcon 9 rocket marks a milestone in spaceflight .  It’s the foremost time that this turbocharged version of workhorse has been sent to space by a private company in place of a government company. The Falcon heavy carried a playful payload which is Mr Musk’s red roadster (an electric sports car). It was built by Texla, his other company. Inside the car, a mannequin wearing one of SpaceX’s spacesuits is strapped.

Following the launch, Elon Musk founder of SpaceX told reporters ‘ still trying to take up everything that happened as it is still kind of surreal to me’. He also alleged in an interview on Monday that ‘people all over the world came to see that is it a rocket launch or best fireworks display’.

The stunning thing regarding this launch is not just the smooth take off.  But also SpaceX has managed to direct about two of falcon heavy’s first stage rocket boosters to land on standing back on Earth. They cut back all the way through Earth’s ambience and so landed in unison.  Musk alleged that ‘it was perhaps the most thrilling thing I have ever seen’

. However, the third one was due to settle on a drone ship. Regrettably, it had not enough propellant left plus missed the target vessel and so was smashed as it hit the water.

This rocket is designed to offer a maximum payload to low Earth orbit of about 64 tones . It is considered as much equal to putting of five London double Decker buses in space. On this Elon Musk supposed that ‘such performances are a bit more than twice that of world’s next most powerful rocket, i.e. the Delta IV Heavy’.

The successful launch of The Falcon heavy by SpaceX yesterday marked a huge step for a company. As by now managed to quiver up to the rocket industry by means of innovative technology. The Falcon heavy is not the most potent launched rocket. As this honour belongs to NASA ‘a Saturn V rocket utilized for Apollo moon landings. But with its launch, the Falcon Heavy has now become the most capable launch vehicle accessible.

The launch of The Falcon Heavy opened up several novel possibilities for Elon Musk and his company SpaceX. It will include Launching of much bigger satellites for utilization of US intelligence as well as military. Launching of bigger and much more capable robots to go to Mars surface and also to visit many other outer planets.  Launching of huge telescopes along with large batches of satellites. Such as  Musk’s proposed constellation of many spacecraft to offer broadband globally.

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