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SP in support with Sushma Swaraj’s decision in Helping Lalit Modi

Headlines of Today | Mohsin Abid Hussain |June 16, 2015, 06.06 am IST


The resent news update became a boom in the political parties starting a question against foreign minister Sushma Swaraj in terms of giving a helping hand to Lalit Modi.

The rising issue has been debating on Sushma Swaraj providing a UK visa to Lalit Modi as a helping hand. After all helping a person in need should not to be so upraised issue as it is been created. People particularly are finding out their own reasons for resignation into such an issue.

Swaraj on her side stated “helping a person in need, in accordance with the humanity, I don’t think, it’s crime, in spite the person would be thankful to us for our authenticity. And now-a-days on any issue people are always been asking for resignation like it’s in the New Fashion Now’’. Apart from congress, BJP and SP (Bhartiya Janta Party and Samajwadi Party) are in full support of Sushma Swaraj stating that the decision that has been made by our foreign Minister “Sushma Swaraj” is absolutely right, that whatever Lalit Modi has been claimed for in the past is not correct, he will face the circumstances. But helping him and his family in their most crucial time is not at all wrong. Whatever Lalit Modi has done he would be cross-checked, but at least for the sake of humanity we should support the decision. After all, we are first humans and then anything else.

Ram Gopal Yadav (SP GENERAL SECRETARY) stated his statement to PTI (PRESS TRUST OF INDIA) that, providing a UK Visa to Lalit is alright, and all of it he has his major issues and let’s not create it an another resignation issue”.

“Ram Gopal Yadav along with Sushma Swaraj stated a statement that, “demanding resignation of personalities on each issue has became a trend or Say New Fashion these days.”

Mean while, within all the Supporters, congress has been an odd one out as an opposite party they have raised an allegation against Sushma Swaraj that they helped Lalit Modi so that he could return them a favour later, as of external terms. Well, this is not new because this always happens whenever someone is helping another. Always, the oppositions have their own perspectives and opinions that are very well known and good for all of debate purposes.

On one side where the Congress has been throwing the stones of allegations on the finance Minister Sushma Swaraj, whereas on the other hand the other political parties has stated their clear statement and provided a clean chit with the decision of Sushma Swaraj in providing the help to Lalit Modi and in accordance with the British Government is allowing Visa to Lalit Modi then it’s completely alright in any way.

Ram Gopal Yadav (SP GENERAL SECRETARY) has also upraised one of his statement against the allegation of Congress that, “Swaraj is more influential then Lalit Modi. So, relevantly she does not need his (Lalit’s) help in any of its way or other”.

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