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Simi Valley Fire Evacuated 1,300 acres Hills And Threatened 6,500 Homes

Simi Valley Fire burned 1,300 acres hill area, near the Simi valley, On Wednesday morning, according to the Ventura County Fire Department. It threatened 6,500 homes and forced school closures.


The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library saved by a herd of ravenous goats, after a fresh wildfire erupted in the city of Simi Valley in Southern California, forcing officials to order evacuations of nearby homes.

The firefighters and aircraft crews stated that “A hungry herd of as many as 500 goats had helped create a firebreak in the brush that surrounds the hilltop complex. The goats ate up vegetation that would have fueled the fire.”
“One of the firefighters mentioned that they do believe the goats’ fire line helped them fight this fire,” library spokeswoman Melissa Giller said. “They just proved today how useful they are.”
Simi Valley Fire Named “Easy Fire”.The Easy fire started near Easy Street and Madera Road shortly after 6 a.m., quickly burned toward Tierra Rejada Road, leaped across the street and made a run toward the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, said Ventura County Fire Chief Mark Lorenzen.

“Unfortunately, it was about the worst time it could happen — 40-mile-an-hour sustained winds and fuels that were ripe and ready to carry fire,” he further added.

Southern California Edison confirmed Wednesday evening that the fire broke out in its service territory near one of its sub-transmission lines, which was not de-energized at the time of the eruption. The exact cause of the fire remains still unknown.

“The utility has notified the California Public Utilities Commission that there was activity on the sub-transmission line near the reported time of the fire”, spokesman Robert Villegas said.

Southern California Edison “is conducting a review into the circumstances surrounding the fire and will cooperate with all investigations into the origin and cause,” Villegas said. He said the utility’s top priority is the safety of its customers, employees, and communities.

Thick smoke of fire choked the hillside where the 125,000-square-foot library is perched amid dense brush. Flames burned on all sides, but the library has not sustained damage, officials said.


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