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Scotland Is Walking Small Steps Towards Independence

Scotland’s First Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said on Monday that Scotland is taking steps towards holding a referendum on independence stating that it is a matter of time more than whether the country is separating from rest of Britain or not. During a news conference in Brussels, she said that that they need to confirm on the process with the UK government for the referendum which would be given a clear mandate by the Scottish people.

She even adds that Scotland is taking all necessary steps to make sure that a legal and legitimate referendum could be held which would be accepted and agreed both internally and internationally. One such step would be testing the potential question to ask the voters.

Sturgeon also mentions the fact that during the British election in December, where her party the Scottish National Party won 80 per cent of seats in Scotland. They fought the whole election on a stance that was anti-Brexit and pro-independence which means that the Scottish people did not see a future as part of Britain. and if they see an increase in support for independence rise or demand of choice grow, at the end no one can stop a clear democratic decision.

But she clearly mentions that Scotland first needs a referendum before they declare independence. Even the latest opinion poll supported independence just over 50 per cent mark. In 2014 a similar referendum saw 55 per cent Scots voting to stay a part of the United Kingdom. But many supporters of independence believe that Britain leaving the EU has changed the situation as the Scots voted against the 2016 Brexit referendum.

But the First Prime Minister did not seem sure if Scotland would be allowed to hold this referendum without the British government acceptance who currently refuse another independence vote. UK’s prime minister Boris Johnson pre-Brexit promises included that Britain could control their waters and still have access to the EU market. But this is one of the thorny issues faced by British EU negotiators. But, according to Sturgeon, Scottish salmon fishers would face a burden of 8.7 million pounds($11.3 million) providing export certificated for sales to the EU.

Scotland is not the only region asking freedom fro a larger country. In October 2017, the Catalonian region in Spain declared themselves independent based on a referendum. But later this referendum was found to be illegal by courts which further led to Spain’s biggest political crisis in several years.

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