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Scientists confirm the discovery of Gravitational waves

The discovery of the Gravitational Wave has been accomplished after a century since Albert Einstein proposed its existence. These waves create ripples in the space time dimension. Executive Director David Reitze from the Laster Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory confirmed the development to the press in Washington.

50 years of trial and error along with 25 years to create perfect equipment has finally resulted into successful discovery. The equipment developed can detect even smallest possible change in the spacetime. The gravitation waves were detected after two black holes collided in space. Both bodies were 35 times larger than the sun. Two bodies started circling around each other rapidly and the rotations were around 30 times per second. Before the collision, the velocity increased by 250 times which resulted in violent collision.

The observations noted are now being used to understand universe in more details. Many top physicists and scientists in the world are calling it a ground breaking discovery. As of now, the whole research on universe was based on how light travels through various mediums. Gravitational waves will add completely different dimension to the research. More data can be obtained now through this newly opened source of information about space.

There have been three significant discoveries. First the evidence about nature’s black holes predicted by Einstein. Second is the solid evidence for gravitational waves. The third is that binary black hole has been recorded for the first time. The instrument developed can detect change in a distance which is even four light years away from the earth.

The instrument detected merging of two black holes in 20 milliseconds. Both bodies were around 1.3 billion light years away. The detector was turned off last month to upgrade it for further experiments. The collected data will be meticulously analyzed. Discovery of gravitation waves has generated fresh curiosity among scientific community.


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