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PIA Updates: Careless pilot; ignores 3 warnings from the control room

A plane was crashed on 22 May in Karachi, Pakistan. On investigating the reason of the plane crash, 3 mistakes are coming out. According to a News Channel of Pakistan, Air Traffic Control gave 3 warnings to pilot. He turned a deaf ear towards the warning. In other words, the pilot didn’t obey the orders of ATC. On the other hand, the investigating team made by the pilot association didn’t have a single commercial pilot despite the fact the crashed plane was a commercial one.

On 22 May, a PIA plane A-320 was heading towards Karachi. This plane was crashed near Jinnah International Airport. In this accident, 97 were killed and 2 survived.

Warning 1 – Jio News with reference to ATC told that the when PIA plane A-320 was 15 nautical miles (27.78 km) away, it was at a height of 10,000 feet. At that time, ATC told the pilot to reduce the height to 7,000 feet to which the pilot responded that he was comfortable/satisfied by this height.

Warning 2 – When the plane was 10 nautical miles (18.52 km) away, the plane was 7,000 feet high. The height should be 3,000 feet to which he received the second warning from ATC. The pilot turned a deaf ear to this warning as well and responded that he was comfortable with height and will handle the situation.

Warning 3 – When the plane was not able to land in the first attempt, the pilot himself decided to go-round (roundabout motion). At the time of go-round, the plane was at a height of 1800 feet. ATC again issued the warning and told the pilot to take the plane to 3,000 feet to which the pilot responded he was trying to do so and in a few minutes, the plane crashed.

There was no lack of fuel

This is proved that there was no lack of fuel. According to reports, there was enough fuel to fly for 2.34 hours. It takes only 1.33 hours to fly from Lahore to Karachi. The investigating team is now working on was the pilot only responsible for the crash or some technical fault was also there which led to the crash.

CAA reports have been published

According to the reports of the Civil Aviation Association of Pakistan, the flight touched the runway 3 times when tried for the first landing. The sparks were also produced when flight rubbed the surface. The flight was taken off after the third touch by the pilot. It is assuming that during this time, the oil and fuel pump was damaged. It started to leak which was the reason for the plane not reaching a specific height to go-round and crashed. The crew members present in the cockpit didn’t notify the ATC.

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