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Pakistan Taliban: Peshawar school attack leaves 141 dead

More than 130 children and about 10 adults were killed during an attack at a school by 7 militants causing fresh new face of terrorism in Pakistan’s own terror stricken, Peshawar.

On Tuesday morning while students of the Army Public School and Degree College were busy writing their exams, little did anyone know that for some this will be the last exam of their lives.

The Massacre This inhumane massacre began when a bomb exploded outside the school. This diverted the attention of the security authorities and gave way for 7 terrorist who easily infiltrated the school. They then entered a hall where students aged mostly 14 to 16 were gunned down randomly and rapidly.

Pakistan Taliban: Peshawar school attack leaves 141 dead
Pakistan Taliban: Peshawar school attack leaves 141 dead

The merciless terrorists are said to have even set ablaze a teacher alive in front of her students who were forced to watch by the terrorist, just because she was the wife of a Pakistani Army soldier.

One of the terrorist took the lives of 60 children after blowing himself up in front of them.

It took the Pakistani Special Forces 15 minutes to reach the school and after a 9 hour long battle, all seven of the terrorists were killed by 4 pm.

Cause of attack In some cases it is believed that the ongoing war being waged on theTaliban by Pakistani Army was one reason for the attack.

It is also believed that it was Malala Yousafzai winning the Nobel Peace Prize that triggered the slaughter of the innocent children.

But the Taliban themselves stated that the attack was a revenge and also mentioned it as a trailer for the Tehreek E Taliban Pakistan or TTP tribesman killed in the North Waziristan Taliban Base by Pakistani Army.

The aftermath It was reported that about 130 students,10 adults and 3 soldiers lost their lives in the attack and left more than 120 students injured.

There were charred remains of many bodies, two such bodies which were burnt beyond recognition.

Some of the students were also reported to have been beheaded.

The response The Taliban from the neighboring Afghanistan condemned the attack and said that it is against their principles to take the lives of innocent young children.

Pakistan’s Defense Minister Khawaja Asif said “ We are undettered, we will not back off”, making it clear that their fight against the Taliban will not stop.

Pakistani police officials and intelligence went into action with raids throughout Peshawar. They managed to nab 2 religious leaders and 29 other suspects.

Taliban bases were also bombed by air strikes. Pakistan Taliban Peshawar school attack leaves 141 dead

Previous attacks Throughout the years Pakistani Army and Taliban militants have been fighting each other, indiscriminately leading to only the suffering and killing of innocent civilians who sometimes get caught in between the action

On 2009 a bomb exploded in a busy marketplace of Peshawar with more than 120 lives lost most of them being women and children.

It was the Taliban again who had on October 2012, shot this year’s Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai who was returning home from in abus with friends.

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