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Nigeria School Girls Have Been Released By The Kidnappers, Said Officials

279 schoolgirls who were kidnapped last week on Friday, are now safe and President Muhammadu Buhari shows joy at their release.

More than hundred of girls were kidnapped by anonymous gunmen from their boarding school in Jangebe, Zamfara state, Nigeria on Friday and taken to a forest, police reported.

Last week a group of girls (around 300 school students) who were abducted from a school in north-western Nigeria. As per the local government, these girls have been released by the gunmen today.

The state governor said on Tuesday, “the group had been freed and the girls were now safe. Such kidnappings are carried out for ransom and are common in the north reason.”

All the girls were taken to the government building in Zamfara as soon as they were released by the gunmen for their safety.

The confirmation news of the exemption of 300 girls is given by Governor Bello Matawalle. Governor Matawalle wrote on social media platform – Twitter, “it gladdens my heart to announce the release of the abducted students from captivity,”

It is said that the abdication is a normal case in north reason. The authorities stated that 279 girls had been freed, adding that a figure given last week by police that 317 had been abducted by the gunmen was no longer accurate.

The number of kidnapped students were discriminated due to the fact that some girls had fled shortly after being abducted, one of the officials said to a media agency.

“According to the BBC news that one of the girls told the BBC that most of us girls got injured and we could not even able to walk.”

She further added, “the gunmen threatened us that they would shoot anybody who did not carry on walking. We walked across a river and they hid us and let us sleep under the shrubs in the forest.”

Earlier, Governor Matawalle had denied paying any amount against releasing these school students, but last week President Muhammadu Buhari admitted state governments had paid kidnappers “with money and vehicles” in the past and urged them to review the policy.

The governor said that all the abducted schoolgirls have been taken to the hospital for their medical examination.

Police commissioner Abutu Yaro said,”it was a government-led peace process and Zamfara peace accord remains the backbone of the success we have achieved. These students were recovered through dialogue, he added more details of the incident and police action would be shared later.”


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