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Navy submarine of Argentina found a year after it got disappeared

Ocean maritime is a company which helps in mapping and searching of a seabed. It was hired by Argentina. The hiring took place by Argentina because of the missing of a massive submarine. The vessel lost its track and went missing in the South of Atlantic. This will help to find the massive international operation. The name of the missing submarine is ARA San Juan.

The time when the searching operation got accelerated

According to the researchers, this submarine was found on Saturday. The submarine was filled with 44 crewmen. The vessel was found at a depth of 2625 feet on the Valdes water. From the American ship, there was a remote-operated submersible was sent which gave a positive indication, according to the navy. This took place when the commemoration took place by the families of the crewmen after one year of missing took place.

The submarine disappeared on 25th of November 2017. The anniversary of the missing took place on this Thursday. Mauricio Macri the president said that the family of the crewmen should not feel alone and they all have the right to know the truth so he delivered an absolute commitment. So the president promise to carry out a full investigation on the missing submarine which was a positive impact on the family.

The journey of the missing submarine: when it lost the contact

The San Juan which was returning to its base present in the Mar Del Plata coastal city lost its contact. There was no hope for Argentina to find the submarine. 18 countries made an intense search and the navy also continued their searches for the submarine. According to the navy, the captain of the submarine mentioned that water came to the snorkel which caused a short circuit. A few minutes later an explosion was heard after which there was no contact with the submarine took place. According to the navy, the blast may have taken place because of the hydrogen concentration which got triggered by the problem in the battery. All these are according to the captain of the submarine.


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