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Missing AirAsia flight QZ8501: airline confirms debris in Java Sea is from plane – rolling report

It has been confirmed that the debris found on Tuesday belongs to the missing Air Asia Flight. Rescuers also spotted 6 bodies floating on the sea in the Kiramata straitAirAsiaA320

This news has come as a shock for many relatives of the missing plane’s passengers, as each new debris and bodies found dash their hopes of seeing their loved ones alive again.

Flight experts believe the main cause may be due to the violent storm that the plane carrying 155 passengers was caught in that led to the mishap.

The CEO of Air Asia Tony Fernandes said that his company would pay money to the families who lost their close ones in the disaster.

It was reported that about 31 rescue teams of various countries were working tirelessly in search of more bodies and in the hope to find some one alive.

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