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Mexico City earthquake collapsed buildings and killied more than 248 people

Yesterday’s powerful earthquake shivered Mexico City and nearby states.  Killing scores plus leaving many trapped in collapsed buildings, at least 149 people died in Mexico City.

The earthquake left the busiest Mexico city in anarchy. Windows buckled in addition to shattered falling numerous stories to the ground.  Thousands of people brooked into the streets running away from buildings and potential gas leaks.

According to the US Geological Survey, the epicentre of the 7.1-magnitude  Mexico city earthquake was   2.8 miles east-northeast, San Juan Raboso plus 34.1 miles south-southwest of the city of Puebla. The earthquake also emerges to have triggered an outbreak of Mexico’s Popocatépetl volcano. A church collapsed during mass, killing 15 people, in Atzitzihuacan on the slopes of the volcano.

Adrian Wilson, a photographer from NewYork City who visits his fiancée. He was eating in the capital when the earthquake struck. He alleged that  “The floor smoothly rocked as if a big truck went by. It then augmented in waves, and the entire room started shaking. “

President Enrique Peña Nieto supposed, 22 bodies found in the remains of an elementary school in Mexico City that collapsed. Nearly 30 children were still missing from Tuesday night.  Thousands of rescuers, soldiers, and civilians, counting college students, were working together to dig through.  The overall death toll was predictable to carry on rising as emergency crews and makeshift citizen brigades combed throughout ruins.

Several carried away buckets full of remains whereas others called out the names rescued. At this time rescuers asked for total peace as they tried to listen to voices coming from beneath the trash.

Populace struggled to get home at what time power poles that toppled in the quake blocked the streets. The public transportation system momentarily shut down operations. Almost 5 million customers still lacked power early Wednesday. All public, as well as private schools in Mexico City,  will remain closed. Several states affected by the earthquake will also remain closed awaiting further notice.

US president, Donald Trump, condemned for a perceived delayed response to the previous disaster.  Responding yesterday within minutes and tweeting: “God bless the citizens of Mexico City. We are with you as well as will always be  there for you.”

Tuesday’s Mexico City earthquake took place on the anniversary of a shocking earthquake that killed many in Mexico City in 1985. Hours before the earthquake, numerous people participated in drills along with commemorative events.

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