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Message In A Bottle: How India Celebrate Chinese New Year

How would you feel if you take your rook sack and go back to your native just because it is New Year? Yes, today, the day of 28th January 2017  is the day of Chinese New Year which is also known as the Spring Festival in China. This day is now witnessing the biggest migration of people on Earth.  People across the globe travel back to their native land for that New Year.Reunion dinners, visiting the house of  friends and relatives, exchanging gifts are few New Year activities are highlights of the usually month-long affair.

But when you look at the article

Have you ever thought how India celebrated the Chinese New Year? Have you ever heard Chinatown in Kolkata? It is true that being Chinese in India is a culture, not a nationality but  Chinese New Year is celebrated with much fanfare in Chinatown with an influence of Indian customs.Chinese families usually bring in the New Year at home. The dragon visits people’s homes to give blessings. The celebrations held with fireworks and dancing in Chinatown are an Indian influence. Let’s take a look at some pictures of Chinese Community in Kolkata who celebrates the beginning of Lunar New Year.

1.Today Chinese community in Kolkata Celebrates the beginning of Lunar New Year

Chinese community in Kolkata celebrate the beginning of the Lunar New Year. (Source: Express Photo by Partha Paul)

2.Chinese new year celebration in Tiretta Bazaar, Kolkata.

Chinese new year celebration in Tiretta Bazaar, Kolkata. (Source: Express Photo by Partha Paul)

3. The Chinese food brings a new shape to this Kolkata

Image result for Food in Chinese New Year Kolkata

Chinese New Year in Delhi

Today Delhiites also get a slice of excitement on their New Year Celebration. A cultural show is organized by  Embassy of Peoples Republic in China. Even a  cultural show is organized by Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Delhi.

Some splendors of the Chinese Show  in Delhi

Image result for Xinjiang Art Theater Song

Related image

Chinese New Year in Mumbai

Have you ever been in Mumbai for Christmas or New Year holiday? Maybe yes, but indeed you are yet to be known how the Chinses Holiday is celebrated in Mumbai; right? In Mumbai, New Year;s Eve celebration takes place with mesmerizing events those tell people to come out of their home and to taste the spirit of the festival for collecting moments.The best parts of celebrating the New Year in Mumbai besides midnight NYE fireworks is the incredible foods.

Image result for Chinese new year in Mumbai

Some tasty food says a lot about Chinese New Year in Mumbai

Image result for Chinese new year in Mumbai firework

Don’t forget to miss the firework in Chinses New Year

So, these all are the flavor of festive spirit of Chinses New Year for three major parts of India.It says a new year is a new start and a way to go.  It is one promise of love and devotion from all the Chinese people in India; a memory and a collection of moments to feel so good about everything!

Happy New Year Once Again..!

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