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Mary Kom plans to open boxing academy in capital

Having overcome many obstacles countless times as a boxer, as a wife and as a mother, MC Mary Kom  was ready for after she decided to open up a boxing academy within the capital.

The 6 times world champion and an Olympic bronze medalist expressed her views to open an up an academy  and seeked help from the governments of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi to train many youths to become the boxer that they aspire to be. She claims that the country has many players whose performances have reached new heights, proving India’s potential to be a power house for talented boxers is possible and that this new project of hers would help it in a very effective way.

Mary Kom plans to open boxing academy in capital

Mary Kom has her own boxing academy running in imphal, funded by the Manipur State Government. This nation’s champ is also under going intense work out to prepare for the Olympics to be held on 2016.

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