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London VS Paris : The Reality…A Little Backdrop of Canvas

If you think about London; what thing will flash into your mind? River Thames, Tower Bridge, Hyde Park, Tower of London or some internationally famous spots. But do you want to know a side –mirror view of London? Not only London, if you want to know the actual pulse of any country, city or town, you need to take a walk through journey to its suburbs, roadside café, pavement and need to smell the wind too. Then only, you will get an actual view of any region; and it’s true from Calcutta to London; from America to Antarctica. Then only, you will discover the specialty of the country which is always new.

London VS Paris

London VS Paris
London VS Paris

Do you ever experience any country which carries lots of dust of long back centuries? If yes, then of course London will come first. Today, British caste is a bit down, the price of Pound reduces day to day; yet; London is London! The most open city of the world. Anyone from celebrity to common people; who has a cultural value, gets their own honor here. It’s true from Rabindranath Tagore to Karl Marx.

London is a beautiful city; often you feel; each roadside dust also talks with you with their own language carrying two, three or multiple century’s old History; but sometime you’ll feel here is lots of dust gathered inside; with no reason.

Do you hear the name of absurd combination? Then, you‘ll experience it in London.  Within the never ending evening rain, constant snowfall; you‘ll experience one thing; that calls Snobbery. But you will learn also, how much artistically it can be presented!

Imagine that you come from West Africa, and are searching a ready house in London. In fact, it’s very common in London. The ‘Black Area’ is still black –listed area to lots of Londoners’ eyes. If you get your house just beside any typical Londoners’ home; be ready that your neighbor will leave the place just because of your presence. Yet, even in 2016, skin color matters something there.  The famous London Art Gallery is open for everyone; but even by mistake; if any Indian; especially West stands by the side of any Londoners; he/she will simply move away from this place.

If the British Royal Caste detaches themselves from each elephant to Alpine theme; so then; where they will reach finally?

Now, come to the Paris. The world of Art, culture, and dream;  the dreamland of any artist’s vision. The specialty of London is to present thing artistically, and Paris itself is an art. And it’s very normal art with and without moonlight night; spontaneous, effortless, flawless; it seems a dream of world comes true.

In Paris, from suburb area to main city; you will find multiple shopping mall. These all are not giant like New York’s shopping mall, but extreme abundance is there.  You can find the smell of culture of all the countries inside a shopping mall through its clothing, other material, and food. But for that, they can’t give one drop of their abundance to their neighbor country; Poland. Poland was in a starvation period just before two decades ago; that time, their children also suffered a lot. But it couldn’t get one slice of food from France; yet they are not each other enemy; they are friends from then to still now.

We know that the world of Art carries different sense. But in our own India, lots of rich wastes food almost daily; does it mean that they distribute this extra food to the people of need ? It’s simple; and from that viewpoint, Paris also believes in simplicity.

And the French Language! It’s just opposite to their pronunciation and if you don’t know the correct pronunciation, no French will reply to you. If you want to pronounce Radio; you need to pronounce ‘Hrathiyo’.Then they will get back to you, or you will get back to them.


One of the sound specialty of Paris that its very likable place for its simplicity. You just can like Paris for its flow and charm and without visiting any eye-catching sight.  Paris Govt also has a lots of benefits for tourist attractive places in Paris; especially seasonal time. But Parisian people are similar like Londoners. If you can’t recognize the particular cheese among many, if you are not selective about perfume; they will run away from you with themselves. They don’t expect it also from all; so that, in tourist season, lots of aristocrat blue-blooded Parisian move away from Paris to take their own break; just to avoid international tourists’ smell.

But within all virtues and mistakes; royal smell and slavery; we all can get the sound significance of any place, only when we can discover the place is not fantastic only; but fun-tustic.  And it is not the smell of stormy evening; it’s just the smell of soap bubbles. All the places of the world have thousands of stories inside. And it is the story between the light and silhouette of our moonlit and moonless nights, where we simply remain sleepless, weaving words of immortality. London VS Paris

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