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Life is like a Summer Rain or Snowy Winter -Mist; but keep moving on; Meet with Hillary Rodham Clinton!


Because it is time that we move from good words to good works; from sound bites to sound solution’– Yes, word can convey magic, like the strong wind gusting against our face; but falling in action changes many things in us. That’s why one person is always different from the rest of the world. For that person, we can change many things in us.

Hillary; The Secret behind her Success

Often we see that the moon shone in the sky but because it is rained in the evening. Often women are compared with moon and the holder of peace; but it’s after a heavy downpour for which we feel moisture in the air; which can create a halo like light around the moon. It is a dreamy appearance; but for that, women need to become the agents of change, drivers of progress, makers of peace; and a fighting chance.

  • Early Life And Limelight

Born on October 26, 1947, in Chicago; Hillary started her way to life as a staunch Republican.  At first, she was a passionate social activist who fought for racism and worked with children of migrant workers. In 1969, one of her controversial commencement speech made her landed in Life Magazine; bringing the young woman in the light of National Attention.

  • Career-Move

‘If you want to know how strong a country’s health system is , look all the well beings of its mother.’’– One , only can tell the words; who is a champion of children’s right. That time she was a law school student in Yale and soon she started studying the rights of children and much of her professional career to championing the cause.

  • With Bill Clinton

In Yale, once Bill Clinton came to her life like some raindrops that fall at a distance. The sound was the only echo that tore up the silence of mind and contemplated of a night in future. They maintained the long-distant relationship. It was the time of 1973 and they continued it till 1974. Bill Clinton was busy building his political career and Hillary was making a name for herself in legal circles. They finally got married in 1975 and Hillary started making her own name.

  • Hillary- A single Name; the Name of an Identity

“I am a progressive; but I am a progressive who likes to get things done.’’- It’s true that life is too short to dwell what might have been and that mentality raises Hillary from clouds too clouds; from obstacles to solution. Life in the Governments Mansion is not easy. Hillary didn’t give up her law career even when Bill Clinton was elected governor in 1978. In 1980, she became a partner at Rose and had her only child, Chelsea. Bill appointed Hillary to a series of high-level posts in his administration. But even of her experienced high profile public figure could not stop her from public scrutiny and press coverage.

  • And the First Lady

The secret of being the first lady was, mainly her idealistic viewpoint towards life. In 1993 President Clinton appointed his wife the leader of his Task Force on National Health Care Reform. At that period her ambition, thoughtfulness, consistency and methodology were widely praised. Though some of her plans faced criticism that it was unrealistic as well as idealistic; yet the thing made her standout from the crowd; was her low profile identity as a senator.

  • And Hillary Herself…And Her Changes…

It’s not easy; it’s like trying to avoid stealing the limelight during a pickup football game at the local field. Hillary  got right to work, taking assignments on several Senate committees, including the Armed Services; Environment and Public Works; and of course Health Department , Education, Labor, and Pensions committees.

Hillary was the early supporter of Iraq war; but after becoming the Secretary of State; she brought a massive change to give the signal of changing foreign policy and dealings of U.S.A. She is the first one who set the development review to set objectives and started the Global Hunger and Food Security Initiative as a way for the fighting against hunger for U.S. foreign policy. Not just an issue, she promised the nation will react to when there’s an emergency and it happens also. This initiative also focused on helping women farmers.

We can’t always find an idealist behind every lady but Hillary is like that. Simple, straightforward, and idealist who can simply take the big world issue just like a sheer insanity to stand in the balcony at night. It’s the same way, once she took her husband’s open affair with his secretary and apologies. Then, she and her world discover that they melt into each other when they alone are together. They hold hands and look into each other and love the fact that they have lived life for another day more. Inside all of us, no matter  there  is  sunlight drenched day, or a rainy evening or both; she still is moving on like life has been a whirlwind ride, through the scuffles, country, city, change and the high and low tides of life.



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