Killer Typhoon Hagupit batters Philippines

Almost millions of displaced villagers were left stranded in government shelters as the heavy rains and unforgiving wind never seemed to leave.

Although many evaded the brutal rage of Hagupit, thanks to timely warnings, this dreaded typhoon still managed to claim many lives. The death toll rose to 24, mostly from the east Samar province. The officials are yet to confirm that this will be the final count as there’s a likely chance the number may rise. Because of the powerful nature of this typhoon, weather officials claim that Hagupit might trigger floods and landslides.

Killer Typhoon Hagupit batters Philippines
Killer Typhoon Hagupit batters Philippines

As Hagupit inches closer towards the capital, about 3000 people are said to have been evacuated from the shantytown on the edge of Manila Bay area.

Philippines faced a similar problem just last year from typhoon Haiyan which claimed more than 10,000 lives.

However, Hagupit seems to have waned in most part of the affected area. Many who resided in such areas were asked to leave the government shelters.


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