Jacinda Ardern Calls New Zealand Elections For September 2019

The Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern has called an election for September 19 which would serve as a contest that would examine her popularity that went high after her response to a terror attack but has been taking a hit since economic issues arise.

The centre-left Labour Party-led coalition came to power in 2017 with Ms Ardern as the Prime Minister and are now willing to serve for another term. The election was due this year November and she has asked New Zealanders to support her stable government. She said that she has called on New Zealanders to continue and back her leadership along with the current direction of the government which has its feet deep into stability, a strong economy and progress on the long-term challenges New Zealand faces.

On the other side, Simon Bridges who is the Leader of Opposition will be trying to make Ms Ardern’s coalition turn into the first one-term New Zealand government in 40 years after a 235-day campaign he has planned. Though this might seem like a challenge for Mr Bridges to be able to race with Ms Ardern’s popularity. But the Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) system in New Zealand could give surprising results.

In 2017, though then Prime Minister Bill English was in celebration mood declaring victory after the National Party won over 44 per cent which made them the biggest party in Parliament. But all went in vain as Ms Ardern who was made the leader for Labour just seven weeks back toppled the 44 per cent of National Party by winning over minority parties in negotiations and became the Prime Minister.

Without support from minority parties, the major new Zealand’s parties might not be able to govern once more. The Green Party and the NZ First which is led by Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters currently back the Labour Party but will run different separate campaigns of their own.

Ms Ardern’s plans to run a positive, factual and robust campaign that would fight against the spread of misinformation or fake news online and will submit the party’s policies for independent costing. New Zealanders will also vote on two other powerful social issues that are the legalisation of euthanasia and cannabis which would coincide with the general election.

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