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ISRO India’s heaviest rocket GSLV-III launches successfully

ISRO launched its heaviest ever recorded rocket, the GSLV Mark III on Thursday, carrying with it an unmanned module making India’s dream of successfully sending man into space closer to reality.

With the success of the Mark III, ISRO officials claim that the rocket could carry satellites weighing up to 4 tonnes and would also help attract many foreign firms looking to make investments in the field of communication.

ISRO India's heaviest rocket GSLV-III launches successfully
ISRO India’s heaviest rocket GSLV-III launches successfully

The 4 meter rocket weighing about 3735kg lifted the module up to 126km in altitude where it separated in exactly 5.4 minutes.

The unmanned module is the size of a small bedroom weighing 3 tonnes, and standing 2.7 meter tall in a shape of a cupcake.

The money spent on the rocket was Rs 140crore and the module costing an additional Rs15crore.

Both President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated ISRO on their success.

The GSLV project began in 1990 and started test launching its rockets since 2001. Out of the 9 launches the GSLV has tested so far, only four have successfully made it all the way including the latest GSLV Mark III.

This is yet another story of accomplishment this year from the Indian Space Agency.

Earlier in September, India created history when the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) entered Mars’ orbit and made India the first ever Asian country to be a part of the red planet in its first try at only $74million in expenses.

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