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Israel suspends plan to send African migrants to West

The issue has already been proven highly controversial in Israel. The Middle East is all buzzing about the decision taken by the Israeli Prime Minister. The man behind all these talks is Benjamin Netanyahu. The Israeli PM has suspended a deal with the United States to give residency to thousands of African migrants instead of settling them in Western countries.

The scheme is a five-year agreement with the United States refugee agency. This says 16,250 African migrants who have entered the country in an illegal way and seeking asylum would be resettled in western countries. It may contain  Germany, Italy, and Canada according to Mr. Netanyahu. He told earlier Monday that for every resettled migrant overseas, Israel would provide a “temporary residence”. The plan provided a replacement of the plan to forcibly send male Africans to third countries (Africa) irrespective of their desires. It is Uganda and Rwanda along with Israel’s Supreme Court who had blocked deportations meant to begin on Sunday.

The Israeli Govt has faced criticism from the anti-migrant communities in southern Tel Aviv and powerful politicians in his own governing coalition for striking the deal.

Jewish Home Party head Naftali Bennett said the deal, “total surrender to the false campaign in the media.”

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked gave his statement that he is among them he came to know about the deal after it got announced.

There are 42,000 African migrants and most of them are from Eritrea. It is a one-party state whose leaders have been accused of crimes against humanity and war infected Sudan by a UN inquiry. According to them, they fled their home country to escape their inevitable destiny of destruction, but Israel has found the majority of African asylum seekers to be economic migrants. Most of them have entered from Egypt before the new fence was built along the desert border.

A decision was taken back in January that a lump sum cash and a plane ticket would be given to the African migrants and ask them to leave Israel voluntarily or otherwise may face forced expulsion. Some critics and the Jewish community abroad pointed this scheme as unethical and did yellow journalism on Israel’s international image. Though the opposition party was “baseless and absurd” according to the PM, the plan was kept on hold.

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