ISIS captures Jordan pilot: Terrorists shoot down jet over Syria

After the heinous beheading of Japanese journalist Kenji Goto, the ISIL have brought forward another hostage named Maaz Kassasbeh a jordanian
airforce pilot who was caught by the Terrorist group after destroying his f-16 plane by a heat seeking missile.

Mideast Syria

This time the Islamic radicals are demanding for the release of their jailed member Sajida al Rishawi in exchange for the captured pilot.Jordan’s
King Abdulla II said that he would do everything under his power to help in releasing Maaz as soon as possible.

Sajida al Rishawi has been serving her time behind bars for 10 years. She was arrested for having her hands behind the triple bomb attack
in Aman which killed 60 people. The court sentenced her the death penalty.

With the killing of Harruna Yukawa a week ago and the recent beheading of Goto, the Jordanian authorities are doing their best not to let
Maaz face the same consequences and are even prepared to make the exchange offered by the ISIL.

For the ISIL previously known as the ISIS this type of deal is nothing new as they have been doing this ever since their emergence.
Jordan along with the other Arab and other international countries are joining forces and trying to put an end to this threat

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