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Is India a Rich Country or Poor?

Westerners visit India and they get the opportunities to see the magnificent city of refutation and see the real India or as they say ‘Slum India’.  And they see the horrific conditions, the grim poverty, and the buoyancy spirit of people making most of the conditions to deal with them.

Is India a Rich Country or Poor?
Is India a Rich Country or Poor?

How we can brand India a country that is surprisingly rich but on the other hand it is poverty stricken. Only behind China, we have the second highest growth rate in the world. We are growing into one of the world’s largest economies. India has already exceeded major economic markets European Markets like Germany and France.

India’s growth is becoming nobler in the light of the facts that are driven by its population. To bridge the gap, between city and country is very much likely to be felt such as in the National Capital Region (NCR). One backbone of the new economy is software development, with ever global firms outsourcing to India due to time and rigorous work of programming. Very distinguished IT firms, business processing operations and none other than the home of the call centers (and great numbers of American companies are sending their work to India and it’s not slowing down. High tech towers, castle blocks, shopping malls and multiplexes can also be added to the list.

There are several other areas in which the other nation excels such as cotton which comes in the first rank because of the importance in other nations such as USA, China. Jute comes at the second place exported from one country to another namely India.

FDI also plays a very crucial role in India’s economy. The constant inflow of foreign direct investment (FDI), which is not allowed across several industries, it clearly shows the faith that overseas investors have in the country’s economy.

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