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Indian politician who justified Paris attacks

people gathering

 Indian politician who justified Paris attacks

(Caption: People gather in solidarity of the victims of a terror attack against a satirical newspaper, in Paris, on Jan. 7, 2015)

At least 12 people were killed after three hooded gunmen attacked the headquarters of a French satirical magazine and opened fire on journalists and police guards.

Reactions poured in from all over the world. Starting from world leaders like Barack Obama, David Cameron, Russian President Vladimir Putin and even our own Prime Minister Narendra Modi condemned the dastardly attacks.

While the entire world and social media was busy condemning the attacks, there were three Indians who almost justified the attacks by Islamic extremists on the magazines office.

Yakub Qureshi


Those who dare insult Prophet Mohammed deserve death and there is no need to initiate legal procedure against them.” The Meerut-based leader said the Prophet spread the message of peace and love.

“Rasul ke ashiq unhe saja de dete hai (followers of Prophet punish them),” the former Uttar Pradesh minister told media on Thursday, reacting to Islamic clerics’ views that the religion had no place for violence.

Qureshi had hit the headlines in 2006 after declaring a reward of Rs. 51 crore for anyone who would kill the Danish cartoonist who had created a controversial cartoon of Prophet Mohammed. He had made the offer at a public rally in Meerut.

Reacting to the Paris attacks, Qureshi said he was ready to pay the reward money to the attackers. “I am ready to pay the money if they come and demand the declared reward.”

Mani Shankar Aiyar

mani shankr

Senior Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar on Thursday evening justified Paris terror attacks and said that the attack was imminent. Referring to the French government ban on Muslim wearing Hijab, the Congress leader said that this is just a response.

“I think that the way which war has been conducted by Americans, we knew since then there will be such a reaction, France now should think about how to stop such attack, ” the leader added.

Kiran Bedi

kiran bedi

Former IPS officer tweeted this after the cowardly attacks on Wednesday afternoon. Her insensitive tweet garnered much reaction and everyone condemned her reaction on the cowardly attacks in which 12 people lost their lives.

The French newspaper Charlie Hebdo’s staple is to be provocative poking fun at popes, presidents as well as the Prophet Muhammad.

The magazine’s offices were firebombed in November 2011 after it published a spoof issue that “invited” Muhammad to be its guest editor and put his caricature on the cover.

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