Indian Navy Keeps A Watchful Eye While Chinese Involvement In Indian Ocean Increases

Indian Navy Chief Admiral Karambir Singh said on Wednesday that there has been an increasing involvement of Chinese in the Indian Ocean which the Indian Navy is carefully watching.

At the panel discussion in the Raisina Dialogue admiral, Singh said that there were several instances when the ships of the People’s Liberation Army(PLA) have entered exclusive economic zones if India. They have been further warned by the Indian Navy that they have been impinging on Indian interests.

He further adds that the Navy has been trying to get an idea about the activities and movements of not only Chinese ships but other countries’ ships as well by using a mission-based deployment for the placement of Indian Navy ships. He even said that this would help them to further act of there is any impingement of Indian sovereignty. He even mentioned China’s Belt and Road Initiative and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor which he says could impinge on Indian sovereignty.

The panel discussion included several other prominent figures other than admiral Singh like the UK’s chief of Naval Staff Adm. Tony Radakin, Japan’s Joint Staff of Self-Defence Forces Gen. Jojo Yamazaki, France’s deputy director-general for international relations under the Ministry of Armed Forces Gen. Luc de Rancourt and Australia’s vice-chief of the Defense Force Adm. David Johnston.

This is not the first time China had been accused of entering or involving itself in other countries waters. There have been many cases relating to the South China Sea where China has entered waters of other countries. A month ago China was even accused by Indonesia for entering into Indonesian exclusive economic zone. In December, the Indian Navy had to ask China to retreat is naval ships from Andaman. There has been news about the increase in Chinese fishing fleets in Latin American waters too.

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