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India Second Covid-19 wave: US said in the midst of Corona crisis in India, will the duty of friendship

Amidst the deteriorating situation of Corona in India, the US has promised all possible help by playing the duty of friendship. It has been assured by the Biden administration that America will help India in every way possible. 

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that in the macabre situation created by the epidemic, the US stands fully with India. He said that we are working closely with the Indian government and will provide additional support to the health workers of India. The special thing is that the United States has stopped the supply of vaccine raw materials made in India. This move by the US has increased the concern of the Indian companies making the vaccine and the Government of India. After this decision of the US, Indian supporters in America started pressuring the Biden administration. It would be interesting to see how long American aid hands are for the moment. Will it smooth the supply of vaccine raw materials to India. 

America became active after China insisted to help India

China, Pakistan, United Kingdom, France, Australia and Germany have already asked the United States to support India in the Corona crisis. On Friday, China had spoken of all possible help for India battling Corona. After the announcement of Chinese help, the US has immediately said that it will provide all possible help to its friend India. Following China’s statement, there was constant pressure on the Biden administration that the US should help India.

US Secretary of State remains silent on the supply of raw materials

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that the US is with India in the macabre situation created by the epidemic. He said that America will bear the duty of friendship. Blinken said that we are working together with the Indian government. The special thing is that the US Secretary of State kept talking about the duty of friendship to help India, but he remained silent on the supply of raw materials for the companies making the vaccine. 

The Biden administration has recently refused to give vaccine raw material to India. The Biden administration has used the Defense Production Act as an excuse for this prohibition. India is one of the largest producing countries of the Corona vaccine, but now India is facing problems in vaccine supply as per the demand. Serum Institute of India, which produces Novavax and AstraZeneca in India, recently expressed concern over the shortage of raw materials.

Democratic Party pressures for Indian help

The Biden administration has been criticized in the US for not helping India in dealing with the Corona epidemic. Various circles, including members and supporters of the Democratic Party, have begun to pressurize the Biden administration. 

Indian-American lawmaker Raja Krishnamurthy has requested the administration that the AstraZeneca vaccine should be sent to countries where the situation is worsening due to Corona. He said that India and other countries need vaccines. At such a time, we cannot keep the vaccine in the warehouse. We should send it where it can save people’s lives. To prevent the spread of the virus globally and to protect the international economy and the health of the people, we should give vaccines to the affected countries.

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